January 24th, 2012


Updates from Kajones_writing

Most of the December prompts have been filled over on kajones_writing.  Here are my two:

"Nadia - A Drink-Driving Vampire"
"Anna - Anna's Yule"

I also liked the magical theory in "Introducing Kieran" and the Green Man portrayal in "The Green Man." 

Mark your calendar for the next prompt call on Monday, January 30 with a theme of Imbolc/Chinese New Year.

Read "Predicting the Past" by My_starz

[personal profile] my_starz  has posted the latest essay, "Predicting the Past." This is an exploration into how progressions in astrology can be used to predict certain things about the future -- tested by way of examining how well they match the past. Yes, some folks do use scientific principles to explore magic (and vice-versa). Comment, subscribe, and/or boost the signal to encourage more of this crowdfunded astrology project.

Durable NASA Rover Beginning Ninth Year of Mars Work

This piece of NASA news crossed my desk today.

Durable NASA Rover Beginning Ninth Year of Mars Work

Eight years after landing on Mars for what was planned as a three-month
mission, NASA's enduring Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity is working
on what essentially became a new mission five months ago.

Opportunity reached a multi-year driving destination, Endeavour Crater, in
August 2011. At Endeavour's rim, it has gained access to geological deposits
from an earlier period of Martian history than anything it examined during
its first seven years. It also has begun an investigation of the planet's
deep interior that takes advantage of staying in one place for the
Martian winter.
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More on Ebooks and Libraries

Here's another article about how libraries and publishers are failing to meet reader needs, particularly in regards to ebooks.

Basically, if you aren't meeting people's needs, they will find somebody else who will.  If your economic model isn't meeting people's needs, they'll replace it with one that will.  If your system isn't managing the main flow of activity, it's a failure, and the real system is wherever that main activity is.  What we're seeing now in the shakeup of the publishing/literature industry -- and to some extent, media in general -- is the process of consumers declaring that the current options don't meet their needs and they're exploring other options, kthxbai.

You aren't going to make money by trying to trap people where they don't want to be and aren't getting their needs met.  You need to find a way to meet their needs and make a reasonable profit in the process; you need to go where the interest and activity are.  You also need to treat people decently, and expect them to behave decently.  If you mistreat them, they will not hesitate to mistreat you in return and you will have no moral high ground to complain about it.

I'm keeping my eye out for a subscription-based e-library where you can read whatever you want that's in the stacks without the stupid restrictions that the libraries, publishers, and software are currently promoting.