January 21st, 2012


Author Beware: iBooks Author

Here is an expert analysis of the end-user license agreement for iBook Author, explaining why it is a terrible horrible no good very bad idea.  

In short, anything you create in that program can only be sold through Apple.  You can give away your work.  You can export files in text only, losing all the formatting -- which, let me tell you, as an editor, is WORK.  That's Apple stealing from you, by making you do that part over, because the formatting is something you created, not just with their program but as part of your literary construct.

Use some other program.  ANY other program.  Use a pencil and paper.  Because if authors let one corporation get away with this nonsense, all of them will try it, and we'll be back to the aforementioned pencils and paper.

There is not enough FU in the BAR for this.