December 17th, 2011


2011 Holiday Poetry Sale Followup Report

The 2011 Holiday Poetry Sale ran from Monday, December 12 through Friday, December 16.  Unsold poems from the December 2010-October 2011 fishbowls were offered at half price.  (Normally November 2011 would've been included, but that one sold out.)  Most of the sponsored poems have now been posted.

There were six donors: whuffle, Anthony & Shirley Barrette, janetmiles, laffingkat, and the_vulture.

A total of 15 poems were sponsored, of which these are already visible online:

"All Through the House"
"Back to Back"
"The Hunters Among Us"
"Imperfect Light" (Monster House)
"Lurking" (Monster House)
"Not Mine" (Monster House)
"Patches" (Path of the Paladins)
"The Rock of Our Love"
"Through the Eyes of an Owl"
"what the Xperts did not know"
"Wings of Stone"

I'm pleased to present these poems to you.  Some of them are ones I'm really glad to share, especially "All Through the House" which is the Monster House Christmas poem.

Last year, all the sales came on Friday.  This year, I had a little activity before that, but most of the sales were still on Friday.  Overall the sale was quite a success.

Thanks to all my donors, prompters, and readers for making the Poetry Fishbowl project a success in general.  You put more poetry in the world, and warm fuzzies in my heart.  Happy holidays to everyone!

Free Fiction Day by Skjam

[personal profile] skjam is doing free microfic this weekend. The theme is "winter, cold and snow" (which you don't have to mention explicitly in your prompt). If there are $10 in donations, two prompts per person will get written out. If the total reaches $25, prompters will each get an icon based on one of their microfics. Coooool.

Old Orange Juice

So it turns out that orange juice -- the $4 a carton premium stuff, not the cheap kind -- is stored for up to a year before use, which of course leaches out all the flavor and nutrients, so companies fix that by adding mysterious flavor packets.  Allegedly these flavorings are made from oranges, but y'know, I don't really trust the people making those mouth-noises.  

I'd like to be able to buy foodstuffs that haven't been fucked with.  That's getting harder and harder to find.  I just hate America's whole megafood industry at this point.