December 7th, 2011


Read about the Dairy Sow

You can now read my article about the Dairy Sow over on Torn World.  This is the freebie from the October Muse Fusion, now approved by the Canon Board and posted on the site for everyone to enjoy.  Because the Upheaval did so much damage and broke the world into small separate shards, many cultures wound up with just a subset of formerly available livestock.  The Yasiluu, for instance, lost their big work animals and so developed dogs instead.  The Mruuna lost cattle, so they turned to pigs for milk production.  (Yes, that's theoretically feasible; I looked it up.)  Part of the inspiration came from a prompt by ellenmillion and then I did some research on heritage breeds of swine.  Also, it could use an illustration if anyone is interested in drawing big fuzzy spotted piggies.

Check out the Articles page, by the way.  We're trying to make it easier to use, and there will be some new articles going up soon.  If you're not sure what Torn World is like, this can give you a bird's eye view with lists of the articles on cultures, plants, animals, and other stuff.

A Piece of Crowdfunding History

haikujaguar is going to re-release "The Flight of the Godkin Griffin" as a novel.  It started out as a crowdfunded webserial where the audience got to vote on what happened next.  Voting was a donor perk.  This was one of my favorite stories while it was running, full of strong characters with conflicting interests.  Check out its new incarnation.