November 17th, 2011


Prejudices in Film

Here's a thoughtful look at stupid prejudices in movies, which also lap over into television.

I'm an oddball; I'm more interested in seeing a movie with a mixed cast, and with a non-white and/or non-male lead, and I like watching white boys get butchered by monsters while the girl is setting up for a kill.  But mostly, if I want that kind of entertainment, either I write my own or look to my friends.  Hollywood isn't interested in my bitty little corner of the market.

I so, so want crowdfunding to catch on with indie film.

Poetry Fishbowl Themes

The November poll for themes has concluded.  Thank you for the feedback!

A total of 26 people voted, so you get a free Monster House poem.  Go read "Red Rover, Red Rover, Send Sally on Over."  The Serial Poetry page has been updated to include this poem.

A complete list of upcoming fishbowl themes Jan-July 2012 has been posted for donors.  One perk of patronage in this project is that you get to see ALL of the currently planned themes.  Visible to everyone are the next two themes, as listed on the Poetry Fishbowl landing page.

Schrodinger's Heroes: Alter!Morgan

Schrodinger's Heroes  is an apocryphal television show about quantum physics and keeping the Earth safe from alternate dimensions.  If you're not familiar with it, you can browse the menu page.  The following images may make more sense if you have read the descriptions for Melannen's characters and my characters.  LOL_Heroes is a branch of LOL picspam inspired by Schrodinger's Heroes.

Morgan is a human woman of mixed Hawai'ian, Japanese, and American descent.  She has straight black hair and tinted skin.  (Note: In series canon, the actress who played Morgan died tragically in a car accident, and was replaced by the actor who played male!Morgan in "Snips and Snails." This transposition gets addressed onscreen in "A Door in the Wind.")  Morgan is an astronomer brought in by Alex to help identify alternate dimensions via star mapping.  Sometimes Morgan gets turned into a cat, or is a cat in other dimensions.  Alter!Morgan is a calico, usually with short fur. Full-size images are in the Alter Morgan gallery of my LJ scrapbook.

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