October 22nd, 2011


Read About Warhorses

The latest post about horses in fiction covers warhorses.  You might also like to check out the epic puppetry in the play "War Horse."

I was amused by the blogger's observation that a villain who mistreats his horse is likely to be unseated at an inopportune moment.  In fact, back in high school, I wrote a story in which the climactic confrontation was cut short when: the villain spurred his horse, it reared up, he fell off and broke his neck.  The heroes were left staring dumbly at the corpse and wondering what to do with all their adrenaline.

It's getting hotter in here!

This article looks at climate change and a recent report veryifying that land temperatures are rising.  Link courtesy of my_partner_doug.

Notice that climate skeptics show a shift from "Climate change isn't really happening" to "Climate change may be happening, but is not influenced by human activity" to "Climate change may be caused by humans, but it is economically unfeasable to do anything about that."

This routine should sound familiar to anyone who has ever asked a five-year-old what happened to the vase.

Outdoors at Fieldhaven

Yesterday the sparrows rediscovered the hopper feeder and the fly-through feeder.  Today they are back at both.  Soon the other birds should notice the activity and appear.

Yesterday's outdoor project was clearing brush away from the south side of the house.  Tree seeds get into cracks and sprout, which is pesky.  Today's project should be picking up the trimmings and carrying those to the woodpile in the ritual meadow.

Coping with PTSD Nightmares

I found this fascinating article about using artificial dreams to deal with PTSD nightmares.  I know that I've got some readers with PTSD so I figured that sharing this might be helpful.  The basic concept involves 3D images of family members being supportive.  Looking at the technique, I suspect one could try a kitchen-sink version at home by creating a plain 2D video of whatever one finds comforting and cheering, to watch as needed.  When I was little, I dealt with nightmares by getting out of bed and reading a favorite book, deliberately shifting my thoughts in a calmer direction; that kind of redirection works tolerably well.  PTSD is basically a pattern-burn problem, so catching it when it triggers and rerouting the mind toward something more positive should help at least somewhat.