October 10th, 2011


Celebrate Indigenous Peoples Day

Here are some ideas for celebrating Indigenous Peoples Day.

I recommend learning about native languages and reading native myths.  Native art galleries are another fun option.

Looking to shrink the footprint of oppression?  Check out charities such as Friends of Pine Ridge Reservation.  (If you think unemployment is bad in your area, be aware that anything less than 80% unemployment on a reservation is newsworthy.  Somebody in the southwest got theirs down in the 60s and everyone boggled.)

Update for Kajones-writing

First, check out the September roundup post.  It summarizes accomplishments from last month.  Current goal is to have 5 people collecting (and hopefully spending) credits by the end of October in order to continue this program, which both kajones_writing and I are really enjoying.  If we get more people besides me boosting the signal for the writing project, there will be a draw to get a free story.

Continuations have been posted for some September Surprise Story Week entries, including "Richard" and "Vitali."  If you prompted a story for that session, go look.

The sponsorable stories page is up to date.  It should be updated about weekly, as unsponsored stories get edited and made available.  Want to read one?  You can get a private copy of an unsponsored story for 1 credit; commenting and linking are both ways to earn 1 credit.  (The list of ways to earn/spend credits is here.)

Thanks to a great October Poetry Fishbowl, I was able to sponsor two stories based on my prompts.  You can now read "John Good Road - A Conversation with Nick" and "Echoes of Alexandria - Nick and Alice's First Visit."  I'm really pleased to share these stories with everyone, and I hope you'll go read them.

Generally Sponsored Poetry Poll is tied

A vast majority of people wanted all $15 to go into epic poetry.  But where  it goes has been a horserace since the poll opened, and it's been tied every time I've checked.  If you haven't voted, please do so, and I'll close the poll as soon as I catch it untied in the last question asking which epic(s) should get the $15.

EDIT: Aaaaand it's "Restoration" by a nose! The crowd goes wild!

Read me on Poetree

There is a new community on Dreamwidth called [community profile] poetree which celebrates poetry, especially poems outside the conventional publishing industry.  I'm the Poetry Host this week.  I'll be posting some discussion materials about poetry in general, plus sample poems from several of my popular series and from my books.  Please drop by and join the discussion!

The first two posts are up:
"Poetry Host: Elizabeth Barrette"
"Poem: A Knot of Thyme"

If you prefer to read the posts elsewhere, check out the community's feed post for links to the LiveJournal, RSS, and Atom feeds.

Monday Update 10-10-11

These are some posts from the later part of last week, in case you missed them:
Poetry Fishbowl Report for Tuesday, October 4, 2011
Horses in Fiction
Crowdfunded Illustration: "Husband by Hand"
Read "Eldis"
Fate in Fantasy

The mid-month fishbowl will be on Tuesday, October 18 with a theme of "Monster House."

There are three epic poems in microfunding.  "Will Not" follows Johan as he contemplates the conflicts of his past and present.  "The Accidental Hero" follows Aldornia and Zenobia when one of Aldornia's relatives unexpectedly appears in the Temple of Golden Light.  It only needs $15 to be fully funded.  "Igor's Creature" is a mix of horror and science fiction with a large helping of sociology and a wry twist of humor.  "From the Free City" and "Restoration" have been completed during the past week, so if you haven't finished reading those, now is a good time.

Torn World writing update:
Approved as canon: "Squiggles: Excerpts from Nleimen's Journal," "On the Rocks," (fiction).  Back to me for edits: "Catch and Release," (fiction), "Seafoam Fashions," "Hide Away," "Red Glass, Green Glass," "Bitter Herbs" (poetry).  Currently in front of the canon board:  nothing.  Drafted: "Cutting Cords and Clasping Hands," "Like Ash Before the Wind," "Breaking the Ice," "From Dark to Bright," "Beached Fish," "The Bones of Need" (fiction) and "The Hearsay Cafe," "The Colors of the Rainbow," (poetry).  In revision at home: "Water Dance," "The Green Speech," "When the Wind's Teeth Sing," (fiction).  Currently writing: "Raining Kittens," "Catch of the Day," "Reaching for the Moons" (fiction).

The weather has been beautiful here.  I've gotten a fair bit of yardwork done: planting the bag of daffodils from my father (which turned out to be yellow and orange) and some white tulips, and mulching various flower beds and around the bases of trees.