October 3rd, 2011


More on Elizabeth Warren

my_partner_doug pointed me to this followup piece that continues discussion about Elizabeth Warren's statement of the social contract.  It also includes a quote from President Obama:

Part of what makes America great is, you have this extraordinary idea, you have this extraordinary talent, you start a business, you provide a service, and it works out and you do well—that is good, that's what America's all about. We want to promote that all across the country. But remember: your success didn't come on your own. There was a teacher out there somewhere who helped to provide you the knowledge you needed to learn. We're in this together, and the question is, how do we make sure that we're going to be creating the same kind of America that allows the next generation to succeed?
Right now, following the rules doesn't typically lead to success. The American Dream has turned into a nightmare. If you're a young person, you can't get a job, can't afford a place to live, and going to college will probably put you in debt far deeper than you would be allowed to make the money to pay off. Society has taken the bottom rungs off the ladder. So the first thing that needs to be done to fix this mess is to put those rungs back on.

Read "The Majestic View"

You can now read my poem "The Majestic View" on Torn World.
The City of Lights promotes a scenic attraction.

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Monday Update 10-3-11

These are some posts from the later part of last week, in case you missed them:
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Support Progressive Action

The October Poetry Fishbowl will be tomorrow, with a theme of "Ghosts."  I hope to see you all there.

There are five epic poems in microfunding.  "From the Free City" covers the aftermath of a siege on Fermo as it affects Fiorenza's village.  "Will Not" follows Johan as he contemplates the conflicts of his past and present.  "Restoration" tells how the radiator dragon came to live in Monster House.  "The Accidental Hero" follows Aldornia and Zenobia when one of Aldornia's relatives unexpectedly appears in the Temple of Golden Light.  "Igor's Creature" is a mix of horror and science fiction with a large helping of sociology and a wry twist of humor.  I'd rather not open any new epics until at least one of these concludes.  "Restoration" is closest, with just $15 left until it's fully funded.

Torn World writing update:
Approved as canon: "Squiggles: Excerpts from Nleimen's Journal," "On the Rocks," (fiction) "Jugglers" (poetry).  Back to me for edits: "Catch and Release," (fiction), "Seafoam Fashions," "Hide Away," "Red Glass, Green Glass," "Bitter Herbs" (poetry).  Currently in front of the canon board:  nothing.  Drafted: "Cutting Cords and Clasping Hands," "Like Ash Before the Wind," "Breaking the Ice," "From Dark to Bright," "Beached Fish," "The Bones of Need" (fiction) and "The Hearsay Cafe," "The Colors of the Rainbow," (poetry).  In revision at home: "Water Dance," "The Green Speech," "When the Wind's Teeth Sing," (fiction).  Currently writing: "Raining Kittens," "Catch of the Day," "Reaching for the Moons" (fiction).

The weather has been mostly temperate here.  It was perfect on Saturday when we went to a small zoo in Springfield.  My father gave me a big bag of daffodil bulbs, and I've been planting those.  Yesterday I picked up pears to make pear pie filling; still need to do more of that today, as I ran out of plastic freezer tubs.