October 1st, 2011


What makes women sexy ...

... is more than tits and ass.  This artist explains the value of showing a woman's face, and particularly, her expression.  To this I will add that body language is an essential part of art, in terms of conveying a character's mood and thoughts.  For nonhuman characters, appendages such as ears, tail, wings, etc. may also be crucial.  If a comic book is reduced to the level of cheap pinpup poses, then you lose a great deal of information.  That undercuts your story, if you're trying to tell one.

Really, if you want to buy or draw or write porn, just go for the porn.  Don't try to pretend it's a full-drama superhero rag.  The results are just pathetic.  If you want to create truly magnificent speculative erotica, well, then you're up against the likes of XXXenophile and you had darn well better be able to do full-body communication and interesting character development in a few pages.

Link courtesy of paradigmshifty in a previous conversation about the Starfire reboot.