September 20th, 2011


A Spectrum of Armor

 This chart shows the range of realistic to heroically idealized to sexualized portrayals ... in male and female modes.  I love this.  It's wonderful comparison, and gender-balanced.  More like this in other genres/motifs would be fun.  Because this happens with way more than armor.

EDIT 9/20/11: For those of you who feel that the realistic band is not realistic enough or doesn't cover enough, or that the male/female modes are unevenly sexualized -- by all means, please redo the concept of the chart with images of your own selection.  It would be particularly cool to have a matched set all in the same type of armor, such as chain mail or plate mail.

One-Card Draw by Wrenstarling

[personal profile] wrenstarling is doing a one-card draw with the bird oracle deck.  This is a unique deck, so you won't find it elsewhere.  If you relate well to birds, this project is likely to appeal to you.  Perks are collective: the higher the donations, the fancier the bonus reading gets, with the lucky recipient drawn from donors or all participants.

See Some Fascinating Art

marina_bonomi mentioned that her spouse is a professional illustrator.  Check out this gallery of fantasy and horror art.  Some is for games, some for other commissions, some original inspiration.  "Nameless Streets" was the original sample cited, which has awesome composition.  I'm also partial to "Xava: Mischief" for the color contrast and lighting.

In case I haven't mentioned it recently, one thing I love about crowdfunding is that you meet the coolest  people here, and they invariable know other cool people too.

Winter Light

In the south-facing window of our public bathroom here at Fieldhaven, there hangs a piece of Austrian crystal.  Due to the roof overhang, the sunlight only reaches it during the part of the year when the sun rides low in the southern sky.  That's roughly between the autumn equinox and spring equinox.

This afternoon, I walked into that room to see a spatter of tiny rainbows across the wall.  It made me smile.  This is one of the ways in which I still keep watch on the seasons.  It's not Stonehenge, but it works as a personal marker.

More Nifty Art

I found another artist to enjoy, courtesy of haikujaguar's continued discussion about cover art.  Check out nambroth's Deviant Art gallery and Featherdust Studios site. 

The fantasy stuff is lovely, but I am in awe of the ducks.  I was thinking, that level of photo-realism looks mighty familiar.  After a while, I remembered where: the Audubons.  If you peer closely at the old Audubon illustrations, you can see the paint strokes; but at any reasonable viewing distance, a lot of them look much like photos, such as the snowy egret.  These are the same way.  The wood duck is splendid.  There's also one of ducks from underwater that is amusing.

One thing that did really catch my eye on the fantasy side is the artist's use of watercolor backsplashes in a very abstract style combined with crisply define central figures.  This takes advantage of the medium's versatility to capture two separate aspects of a composition: the sense of motion and the importance of the subject(s).  A favorite is the vertically impressive "Split Second" of a griffin stooping upon several birds.  That blue background swath is serendipitous but not accidental.