September 17th, 2011


The Comics Women Don't Buy

 ... and why they don't buy them, and what comics they do buy or otherwise read, and some buttlicious images of what hypersexualized male characters on comic book covers might look like, just for fun.

While DC and Marvel struggle to find their hands and a map, let alone Batman's ass, many women are merrily reading webcomics.  Some of those have female leads.  Some are written/drawn by women.  I'm pretty sure some of those femfans are pouring money into their favorite webcomics.

Feel free to recommend any comics (web or paper) that you read, draw, write, or otherwise support and that have something positive to offer women or other folks who appreciate female characters as more than pinups.  (Of course, pinups have their place too, but comics have so much more potential than most of them are using.)

Fiction by Aldersprig

[personal profile] aldersprig is hosting another call for prompts.  This time the theme is "lost, abandoned, and left behind."  Tipping can get you microfics for all your prompts, and longer fiction per $5 increments.  There are collective perks too.  Funds are still being raised for the giraffe carpet, due for installation in early October.  Leave your prompts on LiveJournal or on Dreamwidth.

Not sure what to ask for?  Visit the landing page landing page for a brief introduction to popular series/settings.

Poem: "The Majestic View"

This poem came out of the September 2011 Muse Fusion over on torn_world.  It was prompted and sponsored by Doris Hernandez.  The City of Lights is introduced in ellenmillion's story "City of Lights: Ithai."  It's a major construction project for the Empire, so they're making a big deal out it.  Settlements in the Empire also tend to be known for certain landmarks or attractions.  The City of Lights is perched atop the Rim, a massive cliff spanning much of the continent.  So they have ...

The Majestic View

Come and see the Majestic View!
If you're here, it's the thing to do.

City of Lights is way up high;
Here you can almost touch the sky.

Visit the Rim, it's where to go --
See the whole world spread out below.

Then turn around and see the lights
Glittering splendor on the heights.

If you come, then you'll know it's true.
Why not see the Majestic View?