September 14th, 2011


Let Characters Be Themselves

This is not an isolated incident. Some agents, editors, and publishers try to pressure authors into changing characters traits they don't like. Say, making queer characters straight, female characters male, dark-skinned characters fair, handicapped characters able-bodied ... you get the idea. And it's a dumb idea.

Folks, there are better places to spend your money. Cast your folding vote in favor of representing the full spectrum of humanity and what-all else. Run a search for (your favorite cause) + (fiction). Or get on the LiveJournal or Dreamwidth crowdfunding communities and ask who is writing that stuff, because there is a lot of diversity in crowdfunding.

Read "On the Road to Inoram" on Torn World

If you are a Torn World supporter, you can now read my poem "On the Road to Inoram."
A student travels to the university.

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