September 1st, 2011


Linkbacks Perk

The poll settled on "The Picket Fence Committee" as the September linkbacks perk.  minor_architect will be posting it verse-by-verse on Tuesday as people reference the "Fishbowl Open" post.

For the October 4 Poetry Fishbowl, I could use another volunteer to manage the linkbacks post, as minor_architect expects to be offline during that fishbowl.  This is a good opportunity to pitch in for folks who are online most of the day but don't have cash to support the fishbowl.  Let me know if you're available. 

Stories by Kajones-writing

There are four new stories by kajones_writing based on my prompts.  Two of those are for Donor House as the background for human/vampire relations is laid in.  Then there's one each for Deities World (about divine/human connections) and Afterlife (about letting go).  I am really enjoying this project, and I encourage folks to go take a look at it.