August 28th, 2011


Poem: "To the Five Roads"

This poem came out of the July perk wherein the donors got to leave prompts for Path of the Paladins.  It was inspired by prompts from janetmiles, laffingkat, morrigans_eve, the_vulture, and marina_bonomi.  It has been sponsored by morrigans_eve, who is also now a series sponsor for Path of the Paladins in general.  "To the Five Roads" comes fairly early in the series, after "The Canticle of Days."  It shows how Shahana and Ari are getting along as they gradually deepen their relationship, some of the things that paladins do, and a little more about Shahana's past.  It's also good setup for "Stained" as it deals more directly with the roadside shrines.  You can read more of this series on the Serial Poetry page of my website.

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