August 21st, 2011


Read "Scars of Stone (Part 1)" on Torn World

If you are a Torn World supporter, you can now read my story "Scars of Stone (Part 1)."
Fala and Dareg investigate strange marks on a mountain near Itrelir.
This story is a wilderness adventure, so if you've been looking for more action in Torn World, this is a good choice. It also shows the rangers doing one of their most important jobs: dealing with the Others and trying to figure out what they're all about. The fiction comes with a lovely illustration by Ellen Million.

"Something is wrong with that mountain," Fala announced suddenly. She stopped her snow-unicorn to peer up the slopes.

"What?" Dareg said as he wheeled back to face her.

A rumpled line of mountains stretched along the horizon, skirted with dark green spruces lit by the mid-morning sun. Fala traced her finger along a line of paler green where young spruces had recolonized an old fire trace. "There, where the young spruces point to that notch between the mountains," she said. "Look just above it, to the right -- those tan marks weren't there the last time I rode circuit here."

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Read "Rescue into Slavery"

I asked aldersprig for a story about someone kidnapped out of a horrible situation.  The result is "Rescue into Slavery," part of the "abduction and rescue" prompt call.  It's a Tir na Cali story, and I'd love to see it extended.  The stories in this batch include some exceptionally hard-hitting ones -- this is a really controversial topic and people have asked for some unusual treatments of it.  Human nature just does some weird things in this area.  But it's a favorite of mine, and aldersprig handles it with devastating precision.