August 10th, 2011


Aldersprig's writing, continued

aldersprig is still going strong with the sex/gender project.  The free prompt call is closed, but you can read a list of stories written thus far and sponsor extensions of whatever you like.  $5 gets you another 300 words (on stories that start around 150).  Fund the giraffe carpet!

There is at least one that begs to be a whole new setting, the unicorn/factory story.

Prompt calls!

ankewehner is doing a prompt call for flash fiction with a science fiction (any subgenre) focus.  This is cool because most of the prompt calls I see are for fantasy.  Let's get the tech out!

moonwolf1988 is calling for prompts to develop free fiction in established settings.  Ask for a favorite collection, character combination, or just a word/phrase.  The more prompts, the more free material will appear!

Eye to the Telescope Issue 2

This announcement crossed my desk today:

Issue 2 of Eye To The Telescope, edited by me and featuring speculative
poetry from Australian and New Zealand poets, is now live at

Thanks for the opportunity to edit this issue. I enjoyed putting it
together, and I think it has helped to raise the profile of speculative
poetry, and of the SFPA, in this part of the world.