July 31st, 2011


Crowdfunded Fiction: New Projects

[personal profile] forcedsimile now has a landing page featuring two projects.  Both are crowdfunded serials in speculative fiction.  "The Hour House" is about three children stuck in a house that warps space and time into a maze.  "Days" is about a boy who wants to be a hero, only the world doesn't particularly need saving and older people are better at the heroing business. These are relatively new projects, for those of you who prefer to get in on the ground floor.  The author welcomes feedback on both storytelling and crowdfunding aspects.


Read about the star rays

haikujaguar pointed me to an exquisite story by stryck, "Starlit Rays."  This is science fiction about creatures who live in space and resemble marine rays; and it reads a lot like star myths, if you like those, as I do.  Most highly recommended.

Also, stryck is thinking about submitting this to meeksp for illustration.  You can suggest which scene(s) you think would make a good picture.

Mmm ... spaghetti sauce!

Today's main project is Spicy Italian spaghetti sauce.  Yesterday we bought Roma and beefsteak tomatoes, onion, and bell pepper at the farmer's market and celery at our food co-op.  Now my house smells like onion and bell pepper.  Earlier it smelled like tomato.  I just added about a third of a cup of spices so that should manifest in the fragrance soon.  I still need to add the celery and brown the Italian sauces, and add a few other things.