July 29th, 2011


New Paladins Poem Available

Now that LJ is back in working order, more or less, I can post this (which was supposed to appear on Monday).

Continuing to riff off the prompts and discussions for the Paths of the Paladins series, I came up with another poem.  "So Like a River" covers issues of depression and post-traumatic stress, exploring how people deal with the aftermath of horrific events.  It also reveals a little more about human/divine interaction.

I still don't want to open another epic for microfunding until we finish at least one of the current batch, but I did want to tell you folks about this one for future reference.
EDIT 8/1/11: "Enki's Messengers" is now complete, so folks can open a new epic for microfunding when they wish.

"So Like a River" is listed on the "Serial Poetry" page.
$165 lines, $82.50