July 2nd, 2011


My Article on Isaac Bonewits' Website

Today someone tipped me that Isaac Bonewits reprinted something of mine on his website.  "When Three Is Not a Crowd: Polyamory as a Responsible Lifestyle" grew out of a panel I did with some friends at a science fiction convention, and the recommended reading list is included.  I just think it's cool that, on a site consisting mostly of stuff that Isaac and Phaedra wrote, he thought something of mine was worth featuring.

Greenhaven Website Updates: Facilities

There is a new page under "About Us" detailing the indoor and outdoor "Facilities" at Fieldhaven covenstead.

I've also been doing revisions today.  The information on the "Home" page has been juggled around.  "Activities" is substantially reorganized, and "Cooking Feasts" has minor additions.  "Sitemap" has moved to the main menu bar for easier access.  Changes on other tab topic and section pages are smaller.</span>