June 24th, 2011


Torn World Muse Fusion 6-24-11

The June Muse Fusion is now open over in torn_world!  Come leave prompts or get ideas for art/writing.

"Rhubarb Song" -- This is the freebie, a short ballad about rhubarb inspired by mathhobbit.

"Breaking the Ice" -- Beqash is a ranger of Itadesh who has appeared in several stories. Now she gets one of her own, to make this picture canon:
It shows Beqash as a young woman. She's looking over her shoulder at Ardeth, a fellow ranger. Find out how they get together and what happens.
3,301 words, Buy It Now = $33 or 33 Torn World Credits
Fly Free

Poem: "Rhubarb Song"

This is the freebie for the June Muse Fusion, prompted by mathhobbit.  Rhubarb is hardy in zones 3-8, so it makes sense as a southern plant and might be found in a few places up north such as the valley with the hot springs.

EDIT 6/25/11: ellenmillion grows rhubarb in her part of Alaska, which is Zone 1 and the inspiration for the North in "Torn World," so we're all clear for that application.

Also, while this poem was inspired by the Torn World Muse Fusion and setting, it doesn't include anything unique to that context, so it would be ideal for performance at a farmer's market or any similar venue. It has a lot in common with old-style advertising jingles for vendors, as well as with folk songs in general.

EDIT 6/27/11: catsittingstill has set the poem to music. You can listen to it online. Yay!

EDIT 6/27/11: ellenmillion says that the Torn World site can host music files, so there's a new type of content coming. Woohoo! "Rhubarb Song" has been submitted to the Canon Board in text with its music link, and catsittingstill credited for the music portions.

Rhubarb Song

Rhubarb in the garden,
Growing red and green,
Covers rows and hillocks
Far as can be seen.

Rhubarb in the kitchen
Needs a lot of care.
Put it on the counter;
Clean and chop it there.

Rhubarb in the oven
Smells so sweet and good,
Steaming up the windows
Just like baking should.

Rhubarb on the table --
Jams and cakes and pies --
Lays a feast of summer
Right before our eyes!


Link Soup

my_partner_doug has been especially effective of late in finding awesome stuff.

This cartoon shows what happens when creative folks eat out.  I have had conversations like this, and they have wound up in my writing.

When I saw this cartoon, I thought ... "Aquaman's response to BP: when you're tired of choosing the lesser  of two evils."

Moving along to television ...

"Star Trek as the A-Team" (yeah, I can totally see these guys hotwiring an ambulance with a defibrilator).

"Knight Rider" (NSFW due to suggestive action)