June 23rd, 2011


Greenhaven Website Updates: "Cooking Feasts"

I've added a "Cooking Feasts" section under "Activities."  This begins with tips on how to host a potluck feast and an overview of Fieldhaven food customs.  So far the pages for "Litha Recipes" and "Lammas Recipes" have been posted, with more to come.

Today's revisions have focused on the "Activities" page and the individual sabbat pages.

Torn World: Read "Clouds in the Morning"

You can now read my story "Clouds in the Morning" over in Torn World.  This story introduces two of the most active characters, the twins Bai and Rai, as young boys.  Here they face their first day of school, a challenge made more difficult by Rai's visual handicap.  If you haven't explored Torn World or the Southern Empire yet, this is a good place to start; it was designed as a gateway story so it doesn't assume that readers already know the whole setting.

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