June 14th, 2011


Email Notification for Poetry Fishbowls?

A while back, at audience request, I started announcing the Poetry Fishbowls in advance.  So there's a LiveJournal post one week ahead, then another post one day ahead.  Yet it's still not uncommon for me to mention the fishbowl in a comment or something, and have the other person respond, "Oh yeah, I didn't realize that was coming up so soon."  This makes me wonder if some other notification option might help more people keep track of when the fishbowls are. 

One thing I could do would be to create a fishbowl announcement list, for the advance notices primarily, and perhaps for other stuff like letting people know when a poll is up or the post-fishbowl report is up.  I have email addresses for donors already, and could add other folks if they're interested.  So, do you like the idea of an announcement e-list for the Poetry Fishbowls, and if so, what kind of things would you like for it to cover?