June 10th, 2011


Generally Sponsored Poetry Poll for June 2011

This is the generally sponsored poll for the June 2011 Poetry Fishbowl.  You have $20 to spend.  There are two $10 poems left: "Royal Affairs" and "Welcome to the Desert."  There are five $15 poems left: "Dancing on Fences," "Ladysmith," "Otherlove," "Skinfriends," and "what the Xperts did not know."  There are three $20 poems left: "Applied Physicists, and Friends," "This Mellifluous Gender," and "The Twin Peoples in Love."  There are two open epics: "Igor's Creature" and "Fiorenza and the Witch-Son."  Also eligible as an epic is "Enki's Messengers" since haikujaguar has offered to illustrate it with a sketch if someone(s) sponsors it.

First, decide what category you want to put the money in.  For the $10 poems, that won't require any further detail.  If the $15 category wins, you'll have to pick one of the those poems plus an epic to catch the remaining $5.  If the $20 category wins, you'll have to pick a specific poem.  If the epic category wins, you'll have to specify how to subdivide the funds.  Questions are laid out below for voting.

Everyone is welcome to vote.  I'll check this poll on Saturday evening.  If there's a clear winner, I'll post the poem(s) then.  If not, I may let it run a bit longer.

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