June 2nd, 2011


GM Genocide

This article talks about megacorporations selling genetically engineered seed to poor farmers.  When the crops fail, some farmers commit suicide because they can't pay the huge debt for the seed.  "Some" is estimated around 125,000.  Figure about the same number of widows and several times that many children are affected, since most of the farmers are family men.

It's not okay to kill people for money, even indirectly like this.  Natural seed is much cheaper and can be saved for next year's crop.  That doesn't make as much cash for corporations, so the GM seed is pushed instead.  Remember that the impact of a product isn't necessarily just on the consumer end -- sometimes it crushes the producers.  This is another excellent reason to avoid GM crops, and the companies that produce them.


Invisible Indians

 It's not enough to stuff Native Americans into crappy land on reservations.  No, some idiots involved in programming the map searches online had to decide that it would be cool to ignore the reservations altogether.  This has since been fixed, but the utter oblivious bigotry is just mind-boggling.

Kinda makes you wonder if the programmers came from Rapid City.

Always remember that the data you observe is a subset of all the data actually available. When you're using a program rather than direct observation, remember also that the person(s) who wrote the program have a lot of influence of what you can possibly derive from that program.  Their slant, and everybody has one, will affect your results.