May 30th, 2011


Torn World: "Jellyriggers"

You can now read my article "Jellyriggers" over on Torn World.  It covers two species of giant sea jelly, plus an illustration of the pink jellyrigger.

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In which professionals talk logistics...

There's an old rule for gauging competence in discussing military matters: "Amateurs talk tactics. Dilettantes talk strategy. Professionals talk logistics."

America's military professionals are discussing the foreseeable impacts of climate change on geopolitics: "national security officials have been offering dire warnings about the perils of climate disruption and its offshoots like food shortage, water depletion and massive migration." 

I am pleased to see people in official positions confronting these issues.  Geopolitics underlies the whole of history, and climate change is making huge alterations to the status quo in geopolitics.  It's all about what you have that other people want, and what they have that you want, what lies between here and there ... and what people are willing to do to get it.  Now, conservatives can ignore scientists as always, but are supposed to be tight with the military.  So listen to your own dudes.

Monday Update 5-30-11

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Torn World writing update:
Approved as canon: "Squiggles: Excerpts from Nleimen's Journal," "Lookbacks," "On the Rocks," "Clouds in the Morning," (fiction) "Steam Power," "Cage of Hope" (poetry).  Back to me for edits: "Cutting Time," "Scars of Stone" "Catch and Release," "Swept Away" (fiction), "Seafoam Fashions" (poetry).  Currently in front of the canon board: Nothing, wow!  Drafted: "Cutting Cords and Clasping Hands," "Like Ash Before the Wind," (fiction) and "The Hearsay Cafe," "The Colors of the Rainbow," (poetry).  In revision at home: "Water Dance," "The Green Speech," "When the Wind's Teeth Sing," (fiction).  Currently writing: "From Dark to Bright," "Raining Kittens," "Catch of the Day" (fiction).

The epic poem "Igor's Creature" is now in microfunding.  This is ... well, a mix of horror and science fiction with a large helping of sociology and a wry twist of humor.  The epic poem "A Periodic Table of Elementals" is ahead of production.

I'm 2/3 of the way through my current project for Llewellyn, a set of month spells for the 2013 Witches' Calendar.

The predicted week of rain was more like half a week, enough to flood nearby fields but we've seen worse (including in summer).  The yard is growing luxuriously.  Paths are mowed to most of the function areas now, and most of the south lot is mowed.  We're clearing sticks and weeds out of other areas so they can be mowed too.  Green fruits are on some of the trees.  I have green raspberries as far as the eye can see!  Yesterday's task was weeding the black raspberries along the south fence of the ritual meadow, as those are easier to pull up when the ground is soft.  It's too warm for yardwork now but I may get outside after supper to do something more.