May 19th, 2011


Torn World: "Sea Serpent"

You can now read my article "Sea Serpent" on Torn World.  The sea serpent is essentially a giant sea snake that sometimes attacks ships.  This article comes with nifty artwork by ellenmillion.

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The End Is Near ... Do You Have Your Pr0n?

I am amused by the response of Circlet Press to the latest announcement of impending apocalypse.  They put one of their erotic anthologies on sale...

End of the World Erotica Anticipates the Rapture

(Cambridge, MA) -- According to some religious sects purchasing billboard advertising across the country, this Saturday is Judgement Day.

In case the end of the world really does come on May 21st, Circlet Press has put their anthology of end-of-the-world erotic science fiction, APOCALYPSE SEX, on sale for one cent.

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