May 16th, 2011


Read "Forbidden Love" on Torn World

You can now read my story "Forbidden Love" over on Torn World.  This story came out of the March 2011 Muse Fusion. It was inspired by prompts from xjenavivex and padparadscha.  It was sponsored by xjenavivex.  This is also a sea monster story, part of May's celebration of Torn World's marine megafauna.

Gludara meets the great love of her life -- and he isn't what anyone expects, and her family would hate him if they knew about him.

If you like this story and want to see more like it, please consider sending me credits or karma through Torn World's crowdfunding options.  Not a Torn World member, but still want to support the work? I have a permanent PayPal button on my LJ profile page.

Torn World: "Sea Monsters of the Eastern Seas"

You can now read my article "Sea Monsters of the Eastern Seas" on Torn World.  This covers the eastern ocean all down the sparsely populated east coast to where it merges with the central gulf.

If you like this article and want to see more like it, please consider sending me credits or karma through Torn World's crowdfunding options.  Not a Torn World member, but still want to support the work? I have a permanent PayPal button on my LJ profile page.

[EDIT 5/16/11] Thank you to xjenavivex for the big pile of karma in appreciation of the sea monster articles! I'm glad that people are enjoying those. I hope that these will make it easier and more appealing for contributors to render Torn World's exciting aquatic megafauna.

Monday Update 5-16-11

These are some posts from the later part of last week, in case you missed them:
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See also today's posts: the article "Sea Monsters of the Eastern Seas" and the story "Forbidden Love."

This weekend's Muse Fusion went well. I finished three stories ("Catch and Release," "Swept Away," and "When the Wind's Teeth Sing") and two poems ("Seafoam Fashions" and "The Shipwright's Song"). I also started another story, "Catch of the Day." "Swept Away" has already been sponsored, so that bumps it toward the top of my task list. Pending various revision and approval processes, that will become visible to the public.

Torn World writing update:
Approved as canon: "Squiggles: Excerpts from Nleimen's Journal," "Lookbacks," "On the Rocks," "Without Fail," (fiction) "Steam Power" (poetry).  Back to me for edits: "Cutting Time," (fiction) Currently in front of the canon board: "Clouds in the Morning," "Scars of Stone" (fiction) and "Cage of Hope" (poetry).  Drafted: "Cutting Cords and Clasping Hands," "Like Ash Before the Wind," "The Green Speech," "Catch and Release," "Swept Away," "When the Wind's Teeth Sing," (fiction) and "The Hearsay Cafe," "The Colors of the Rainbow," "Seafoam Fashions," "The Shipwright's Song," (poetry).  In revision at home: "Water Dance."  Currently writing: "From Dark to Bright," "Raining Kittens," "Catch of the Day" (fiction).

The epic poem "Igor's Creature" is now in microfunding.  This is ... well, a mix of horror and science fiction with a large helping of sociology and a wry twist of humor.  The epic poem "A Periodic Table of Elementals" is ahead of production.  The "Serial Poetry" page on my website has been updated to include the new Fiorenza poem.

Several wet chilly days have given way to visible sunlight, so I'm hoping to get outside today and trim part of the south hedge and shear the grass around the wellcap.  Yesterday the net connection went down for half the day, though, so I'm backlogged on my basic computer stuff.

Schrodinger's Heroes: Menu Post

This is all about creating a fandom for a television show that doesn't actually exist. The idea was launched by [personal profile] melannen as a frame for "101 Asexy Sex Scenes" so there is attention to the sexual orientation of the characters with positive representation of asexuality and diversity. After some discussion with various folks, I created a description and some other materials for the apocryphal television show Schrodinger's Heroes  and its imaginary fandom.  It wound up with lots of gender and racial diversity, complex characters, and thought-provoking themes. The show follows the adventures of several scientists and their friends as they attempt to manage dimension-spanning technology, fight evil, and not blow up anyone's personal life.  

This post provides links to all the material that I've written and posted from the show and its fandom.  Schrodinger's Heroes  is an open-source project; everyone is welcome to play with it.  If you do, please let me know what you create; I try to include links to things by other people too.  Feedback is encouraged.

Do you enjoy this project?
  It's crowdfunded.  There is a permanent tip jar in my LiveJournal profile if you'd like to encourage me to write more of this.


About the Show

Part 1: Excerpts from "101 Asexy Sex Scenes"
Part 2: Melannen's Characters
Part 3: Ysabetwordsmith's Characters
Part 4: Multiple Intelligences
Part 5: Religion

The Television Show
Theme Song: "Wanted Alive or Dead"
Part 1: Aired Episodes

Part 2: Unaired Episodes
Part 3: Unscreened Episodes
Part 4: Napkin Episodes

Advance Advertising Scripts
"Alex and Bailey in the Closet"
"Pat Meets Ash"
"Kay and Quinn in the Office"
"Bailey Brings Morgan to the Compound"


Crossover Content
"... And Relative Dimensions" Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5  (Dr. Who)
"French Military Victories" Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4 (Anita Blake)
"HALware" Part 1, Part 2 (Space Odyssey)
"If It Doesn't Work ..." (Batman)
"The Lobster Door" (Lilo & Stitch)
"Saving the Heroes" Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5 (The Avengers)
"Settling" (His Dark Materials)
"His Eyes Uncovered" (Star Trek: The Next Generation)

The Herolock Series  (BBC Sherlock)
"THE Woman" Part 1 , Part 2Part 3Part 4Part 5 
"Texas Sunrise" Part 1Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5 
"Seeing Things" Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6 
"Fighting Through the Fog" Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4 
"Still Alive
"Updating the Database" Part 1, Part 2 
"Studying Scarlett
"The Waxahachie Tea Party
"Smoke and Thunder" Part 1, Part 2 
"Unbridled Scold" Part 1, Part 2 
"Observation, Deduction"
"Kitchen Courtesies"
"Pi Fight"

The Schrodinger's Hulk Series  (The Incredible Hulk / The Avengers)
"Safe Keeping" Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4Part 5Part 6Part 7 
"Two Spirits, One Past" Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9, Part 10, Part 11, Part 12 
"For the Very First Time"
"The Path of the Sun" Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

"Lior's Dream" by [personal profile] thesilentpoet (64-squared)
"Hal's Nightmare" by [personal profile] thesilentpoet (64-squared)
"A Crack in the Maelstrom" by [personal profile] thesilentpoet (64-squared)

"The Tentacle Monster Chronicles" by [personal profile] primeideal (Animorphs)
"Taxicab Geometry" by [personal profile] primeideal  (Numb3rs)
"The Shirt Off Her Back" by [personal profile] primeideal (Revolution)
"All Politics Is Local" by [personal profile] primeideal (@MayorEmanuel)

Crossover Descriptions 
Crossovers (Part 1)
Crossovers (Part 2)
Crossovers (Part 3)

Fan Content
"Army Moves in Ineffectually" by [personal profile] dialecticdreamer 
"Attention to Detail"
"Barrette's Private Ears" filk by [personal profile] thnidu 
"Black and Blue in Waxahachie"
"Ex Machina" by [personal profile] primeideal 
"Insulating Layers"
"Kid in a Candy Shop"
"Learning to Fit In"
"Lightbulb Joke"
"Make Them Do It"
"One Plus One" by [personal profile] dialecticdreamer Part 1, Part 2
"The Red Hand"
"String Theory" by [personal profile] ari_the_dodecahedron 
"Testing the Waters" Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5
"Toasters" by [personal profile] primeideal 
"Verbs Not Nouns" Part 1 & Part 2

The Don't Try This at Home Series
"Sloppy and Wet"
"Don't Try This at Home"
"Moving Through the Water"
"With Your Heart Open"
"Mixer Bookmark"
"Believing What You Know Ain't So"
"Friends, Family, and Fireworks"
"When I've Chosen the Dark Side"
"A Faithful Friend and a Good Library"
"Touching Scenes"
"Strong and Fragile"
"As a Model for Others"

The Orange!verse Series  by [personal profile] chanter_greenie 
"Adjacent Universe Splatter"
"Taking the Long Path"
"Musical Gift"
"Dual Path Echo"
"Keeping a Logbook
"Jij Bent Zo"
"Local Interference"
"Cat's in the Cradle"
"Signal Strength"
"Meteor Scatter"
"Open Carrier" 
"Carrier Wave" (in progress)
"In the Clear"
"Legal ID"
"Parliament Hill's Reply"

Famous Fanfic Descriptions
Fanfic (Part 1)
Fanfic (Part 2)

Fanon Trivia
Fanon (Part 1)
Fanon (Part 2)

Alters Together
Cake Is For Aces
Chaotic Neutral Schrodinger
Cottoncandy Bingo Card 1, 3B-3O
Evil!Schrodinger Aces
Evil!Schrodinger Alone
Good and Evil
Miscellaneous Aces
Saash (crossover from Feline Wizards)
Schrodinger by Himself

"Ad Astra Per Aspera"
"Alpha Bets"
"The Alpha Vector"
"Applied Physicists, and Friends"
"Bedroom Eyes"
"Breakdown" by [personal profile] primeideal 
"Building Where We Are"
"By Any Stretch"
"The Care and Feeding of Heroes"
"The Cat's Pajamas"
"Catting Around"
"Chromatic Shrift"
"Come In, Please"
"Cover Stories"
"Crazy Fun in the House of Mirrors"
"Cycling through the Options"
"Defragging the Wetdrive"
"Differently Abled Heroes"
"Door Ajar
"The Door to Nowhere" (crossover with P.I.E.)
"The Dream Coat"
"Earning His Stripes"
"Electric Tesseract"
"Equal and Opposite"
"For Life's Sake"
"For Whose Sake" (crossover with Polychrome Heroics)
"Fraying Strings"
"Friends, Family, and Fireworks"
"Friendships Are Like Clothes"
"Games and Catastrophes"
"Getting a Room"
"Good Graces"
"Hearts of Stone"
"How to Table the Topic of World Salvation"
"Hypercube Roots" (crossover with Monster House)
"In Drab Silence"
"The Last Plane to Heaven"
"The Life of Breath"
"Like Cherries Harmonizing Pussycats"
"Like the Sun"
"Los Despiertos"
"Moving Through the Water"
"New Beginnings" by [personal profile] thesilentpoet 
"Newton's Laws of Motion Sickness"
"Of Alchemy and Quantum Physics"
"Of Cats and Cosmic Strings"
"Of Portals and Magic Potions"
"On With Their Work" by Catherine Faber
"The Other Way Around"
"Pat's Place"
"Pawprints on the Heart"
"Picking Up the Signals"
"Prank Calls" by [personal profile] thesilentpoet 
"Quinn's Nursery"
"Return to Center"
"Sauce for the Gander"
"Scarlett Bond"
"Schrodinger's Human"
"Shifts" by [personal profile] mdlbear 
"Shiny Little Things" (crossover with Polychrome Heroics: Aquariana)
"Sloppy and Wet"
"Speakin' in Tongues"
"Stacking the Deck"
"The Suspense Is Thrilling Me"
"A Taste of Attraction"
"Texas Foldem"
"To Lose Yourself in the Service"
"The Traction Factor"
"Treasured by Me"
"Waiting Hand and Foot"
"Warm Fuzzies"
"Waxahachie's One-Day Winter"
"Week 3! Day 3!" by Stefanie Maclin aka [personal profile] thesilentpoet 
"When I've Chosen the Dark Side"
"When You Have to Go There"
"Who Let the Dogs Out?" by [personal profile] primeideal 
"Why Ash Loves Alex"
"Why Ash Loves Quinn"
"You Think You've Got Tribbles?"

"Nonsexual Intimacies" Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5

To continue following this project, watch the "Schrodinger's Heroes" tab.

Schrodinger's Heroes

I've been working on a project that you haven't seen until now.  Partway through "Three Weeks for Dreamwidth," my friend Melannen posted "101 Asexy Sex Scenes" which I mentioned here ... and that inspired me to work up a description and some materials for the apocryphal television show Schrodinger's Heroes

It started as a small whimsy.  Then I realized that 1) I was describing the kind of television show I'd actually like to watch, full of sexual/racial diversity and thought-provoking concepts, and 2) I was getting ideas for scripts.  Now scriptwriting is the one form of writing that has never appealed to me much.  In recent memory I've written one script on purpose and that was an editorial cartoon script for wbm.  For Schrodinger's Heroes  I wrote four short scripts for advance ads, two descriptions of fanart with dialog, and one five-scene podcast fanfic about a hacker trying to break into Ash's security system.  Also they're leaning towards a mix of humor and drama; humor isn't one of my biggest genres.  So the whimsy turned into legitimate practice.  I don't particularly have plans to write scripts, but I figure it never hurts to have at least basic skills just in case.

You can now see the menu post here, with links to all the background and content posts.  Sideline discussions and other stuff may also appear in the series tag Schrodinger's Heroes.  If other folks explore this television show, I'll try to link to their material also.

Feedback and discussion are encouraged.  This is the kind of television show I'd like  to watch if it existed, and the kind of fandom that would attract me.

Today at Fieldhaven

So far, I'm starting to catch up on computer stuff after losing the net for have of yesterday.

Supper is in progress: a meat curry (I forget if the stew meat is lamb or goat), a potato curry, and a berry cobbler.  The berries are currently macerating in a bowl.  I think they're mulberries and black raspberries but honestly I just kinda grabbed dark berries out of the freezer.  They all blend well with each other anyhow.

my_partner_doug mowed around the wellcap and helped me trim the honeysuckle hedge away from it.  I cleaned up the fringe of grass with the grass shears.  This process revealed a small snake, which I moved out of the way so it wouldn't get stepped on or sliced by the grass shears.  I like snakes.  I was busy so I didn't take a close look for ID beyond "small constrictor: harmless & beneficial."  Looking at a few online references, I suspect it is probably a western fox snake or great plains rat snake

Schrodinger's Heroes: Fanfic (Part 1)

The initial canon content of the apocryphal television show Schrodinger's Heroes   soon led to fan content. This includes not just fanfiction but fanart, scripts, podcasts, videos, animation, and other materials. Because of the show's unusual breakdown of aired, unaired, scripted, and napkin episodes there are many layers of fan content depending on what a given fan has seen or likes. Some of the best made and most widely known examples are described below.


"Applied Physicists, and Friends" -- This poem was written during the June 7, 2011 Poetry Fishbowl and describes the core cast of Schrodinger's Heroes.  

"The Farkendorker Effect" -- The controller of a parallel Schrodinger team, in a dimension where Alex has less money, decides to cut funding for the project. As a result, the heroes run short on supplies and power, leaving them unable to repel the initial invasion from another dimension. They barely manage to scrape up enough resources to retake the Teferact and quash the invasion.

One of the first pieces of fanfic, this is still widely considered among the best. This story established the use of "Mr. Farkendorker" as a name for some human agent of disaster, particularly through reckless or negligent means. The phrase "The Farkendorker Effect" refers to a project going wrong, often through administrative jerkitude; or to the kind of person who causes such derailments.

"Flatlined" -- This fan video is done entirely in traditional 2D cel animation, without special effects or computer-generated graphics. Alex receives a transmissions from a group of 2D scientists wanting to prove that a third dimension is possible. Our heroes venture thorugh the Teferact to explore a two-dimensional version of Earth. The scientists are impressed by Alex's 2D drawing of a cube, until she starts trying to draw a tesseract and they decide she must be crazy. A pleasant scientific collaboration devolves into a chase scene as the heroes flee back to the Core dimension.

From this came a wide array of other animated fanfic, along with static cartoon strips, commonly called "the 2D adventures."

"Hall of Mirrors" -- A horror-flavored shaggy dog story, this begins with core!Alex getting kidnapped and replaced by an alter evil!Alex. All of core!Alex's greatest strengths and virtues are warped into monstrous flaws. Interestingly, evil!Alex comes with white!Schrodinger; core!Schrodinger hates evil!Alex while white!Schrodinger hates core!Alex. The real catch is that there's an andervector for evil. Imagine Star Trek's "Mirror, Mirror" extended into a whole hall of mirrors, hence the title. Each newly arriving alter!Alex is more diabolical than the last. Core!Alex must somehow escape from (rather elaborate and graphically described) bondage and thwart her alters.

The evil andervector quickly became popular as a source of villains, though not all fan writers have displayed the same precision in refracting virtues into flaws. Its existence was implied in "A Thorn in the Foot" with the appearance of evil!Midge. (Special thanks to [personal profile] bethany_lauren for a discussion leading to this idea.)

"In a Nutshell" -- The earliest fanfic grew out of the five aired episodes, but this story came from an author who only got to see the two-part pilot. It features Alex, Ash, Bailey, Kay, Morgan, Pat, and Quinn sitting around a table brainstorming what could happen next and how to respond. Some of the themes actually match those raised in unaired or scripted episodes, such as aliens, multiple versions of characters, sexual hijinks, and invasions.

Memorable lines:
Ash: "If horny aliens come through the Teferact, I am not having the sex."
Quinn: "I assure you that no matter how different the history in another dimension, someone will still get crushed under its wheels."

"In a Yellow Wood" -- Inspired by "Time, Like an Ever-Flowing Stream," this story shows the characters viewing many alternate dimensions to see what happens when their alters make different decisions at major life junctures. Examples include Alex teaching happily at MIT, Ash as a depressed single mother on a reservation, Bailey as a computer repair technician, Kay killed in action, Morgan as a leading visionary at NASA, Quinn as a wealthy but bored executive, and Pat running a day care center.

Interestingly, a couple of different studio writers have indicated that they had similar ideas for a followup episode to "Time, Like an Ever-Flowing Stream," examining brighter and darker variations on the characters' lives.

"Lightbulb Joke" -- A 3-panel cartoon strip inspired by the advance ad "Kay and Quinn in the Office," and commentary by DW user Bethany_lauren.

Frame 1: Quinn has inserted a lightbulb where the sun don't shine, and is licking a battery to see if this will make the bulb light up.
Frame 2: A very quizzical Ash asks, "Is this normal behavior for you sexuals?" Frame 3: Morgan rolls her eyes and replies, "No. No, it is not."

"Like Squid Deglazing Doorknobs" -- Originally a skit during a costume contest at a convention, this involves Tim trying to explain tentacle monster reproduction to each of the main characters in turn (Alex, Ash, Bailey, Kay, and Pat). A script is later transcribed from the video taken of that event, and eventually expands into a short story.

This sets up the custom of using the most bizarre combinations of words or objects as analogies for the reproduction of tentacle monsters. Variations of "X Times Tim Tried to Explain Sex, and One He Didn't" are also popular.

"Lost in the Woods" -- After "Last Woman Standing" tackles some aspects of sexism and various scripted episodes confront racism, this story deals with classism. The whole team gets dumped into a very low-tech dimension where higher education is less use than plain old horse sense. It falls to Ash, Kay, and Chris to keep everyone else alive. Alex and Morgan are all but helpless. Poorskillz for the win!

Memorable lines:
Chris: "Okay, this bush is the men's room and that boulder is the women's room."
Quinn: "What about me?"
Chris: "Figure out something on your own. You always do."

"Make Them Do It" -- During the first "Make Them Do It" fic fest for Schrodinger's Heroes, someone posted a full-page cartoon featuring ace!Alex and ace!Ash with a fanboy attempting to mash them together so he can watch the hot lesbian action. Frames 1-2 fill the first row, frames 3-5 fill the second row, and frames 6-7 fill the bottom row.

Frame 1 (horizontal rectangle): A copy of the MTDI banner with a tangle of scantily-clad bodies under the headline text.
Frame 2: Fanboy typing madly at his computer, text appearing onscreen.
Frame 3: Fanboy pushing Alex toward the right side of the frame, Alex digging in her heels. Fanboy: "You wanna kiss the girl!" Alex: "No! I don't wanna!"
Frame 4: Fanboy pushing Ash toward the left side of the frame, Ash holding onto door frame. Fanboy: "Aw, come on! It'll be awesome!" Ash: "No, it will not!"
Frame 5: Alex and Ash clad only in their underwear, Alex fleeing leftward and Ash fleeing rightward.
Frame 6: Fanboy sitting in front of his computer, its screen blank. Fanboy: "Huh?"
Frame 7 (horizontal rectangle): Fanboy stares in horror as black smoke pours from his computer and tiny skulls dance around it. White letters inside the smoke repeatedly spell out: tʼááłáʼí   naaki   tááʼ  (the numbers 1, 2, 3 in Navajo) in various combinations.

This fanart draws on Ash's canonical asexuality and adds Alex as a match, one of the first examples of Ash/Alex for sufficiently flexible definitions of /. It also highlights Ash's epic computer skills and the fact that she designed her sophisticated computer language with Dinè (Navajo) influence.

"The Manifold Fan" -- This early piece of fanfic involves a fan of the show, who is a quantum physicist, doing an experiment of his own that throws him into the heroes' universe. But it doesn't just do that once; subsequent versions of him appear every so often, and all of them are different ages. Then the same thing starts happening to the other characters, as extra versions of them appear. The fan attempts to get involved with first Alex and then Ash, but neither responds. Tim tries, unsuccessfully, to warn the fan that meddling with the manifold can be hazardous. Eventually Alex manages to refold reality correctly and send the fan back home. And she yells through the Tef, before severing the connection: "Nobody told you not to be a plumber!"

Although the revelation of this builds slowly, Alex and Ash are in a close yet nonsexual relationship. So are Morgan and Tim. Kay and Pat are a heterosexual couple.

Schrodinger's Heroes  also has a menu post.