May 14th, 2011

Fly Free

Poem: "Seafoam Fashions"

This is the freebie for the May Muse Fusion over in torn_world.  It was inspired by a prompt from haunted_blood.  I figure that, when stores receive the first shipment of clothes in the new fashion color, they would hang banners announcing it to their customers. Stores that could afford it might put someone out front to sing jingles. (This works. I've done it at Renaissance faires.) So seafoam is the color that everyone wants, and this is an advertising jingle for it.

Seafoam Fashions

Seafoam's the color
For you and for me:
As blue as the sky,
As green as the sea.

Seafoam's in fashion;
The sale banners fly.
Seafoam's the fabric
We all want to buy.

Seafoam's the color
For me and for you:
Marvelous value,
Part green and part blue.

Seafoam's in fashion,
So come try it on.
Hurry for seafoam,
Before it's all gone!


Cancer: Pushing the OFF Button

This sounds like a promising line of research in treating cancer.  A drug already in use for other purposes is capable of switching cancer cells back to a more normal growth cycle so they die off instead of replicating infinitely.  Major drug companies aren't interested because it can't be patented.  Okay, fine.  Somebody else go do it.  Surely there must be a Nobel in this somewhere, if it works as well in practice as the preliminary results suggest.  Granted, that rarely happens, but this is one of the more intriguing cancer treatments I've seen -- the base premise is very clever.