May 12th, 2011


Australia Native Gardening

 [personal profile] moonvoice has created a new community for Australian gardeners, [community profile] oz_native_gardening.  I'm boosting the signal because I have lots of friends down under, and well, my nattering on about midwest North American native gardening isn't going to do you folks any good at all.  Go talk to each other for local advice.  Then blog your pictures so the rest of us can enjoy too.
watch, hawk

Of Custody and Cancer

I just saw a petition protesting a case where a mother lost custody of her children because she has cancer.  Now, this is outrageous and destructive to begin with, but I want to highlight something else.   It's a new iteration of treating people like they have no rights if they become ill or injured.  They're disposable; throw them away so they don't annoy the ables.  This is not to be tolerated.  Please help by signing the petition -- and watch for more examples of hogwash like this.  I'm having a tip-of-iceberg moment here.

Torn World: Rank and Occupation in the North

ellenmillion has posted another installment in the characterization how-to series.  This one focuses on what kind of stuff Northern characters do for a living.  The basics are "ranger" (working outside the village) and "domestic" (working in or near the village).  Beyond that there are many crafts and skills that people can specialize in.