April 24th, 2011


A Wind-Powered Reservation

I'm excited by this news that the Cheyenne and Arapaho tribes have acquired a set of wind turbines to power their reservation in Oklahoma.  Plenty of reservations are located in flat, open areas that are ideal for wind and/or solar power.  Maybe the native folks will pick up on renewable energy and seriously push ahead with it.  The mainstream is just piddling along and deserves to be left behind by more clueful cultures.

Sketch Fest Images

 [personal profile] meeks has posted her sketches from the Sketch Fest.  Most of these look adorable.  My favorites are "Reading the Future" and "Keeper of the Forest."  Comments may inspired the artist to do more -- these were 1-hour sketches, per the fest rules.

Also, her Chatoyant College sketch "Escape" has been developed further.  The forest is now darker and spookier, with a path that curves around a treacherous mud puddle.

Torn World Story Progress: "The Green Speech" is drafted

I finished a draft of "The Green Speech" at just over 8,300 words.  This story features the Trefoil Dance triad of Darthein, Omorth, and Tremarda as they consult with Unafari and her coworkers on the costuming for a historic version of dance from the Rainbow Period.  It gives a good look at two different no-gender characters, Omorth and Ranathera; Omorth's platonic relationship with its two dance partners; the Trefoil Dance, at least during one period; and some examples of how the different cultures in the Southern Empire have influenced each other over time.