April 19th, 2011


Writing Asexuals in Sex Scenes

 I was fascinated by this early discussion on asexual characters in sex scenes.  It happens.  I write neuter characters fairly often, along with an extremely wide range of other sex/gender/orientation options.  Sometimes a mutually agreeable arrangement is possible.  Other times it turns into a horribly awkward disaster.  But if you're a writer, this is one of those things that absolutely must be handled with care, because it's a delicate topic at best and easy to botch.  Happily the discussion is aimed at producing a how-to post later.  Yay!

Call for Sponsors: "Igor's Creature"

xjenavivex has posted a call for sponsors in crowdfunding (and on her LiveJournal too) of my poem "Igor's Creature."  This is a new approach for the Poetry Fishbowl because it's not starting with a donation, but with a description of the poem's appeal in hopes of attracting sponsors.  I've certainly boosted signal for things I couldn't afford to sponsor myself, in hopes that other folks would.  So, let's see if this works; I'm open to the experiment and would be delighted to see this poem published.

[EDIT 5/11/11] "Igor's Creature" is now in microfunding, thanks to $5 voted in from the general fund. Watch that space for new verses.