April 17th, 2011


Left and Right in America

This article make the interesting argument that America is a left-wing country with a right-centrist government.  Looking at the examples, that makes sense.  In particular, I note that the people with the most representation get taxed the least, whereas the people who get taxed the most have the least representation.  That pretty much recreates one of the key problems -- taxation without representation -- that America was founded to stop.

Poem: "The Colors of the Rainbow"

This is the freebie poem from the April Muse Fusion.  It was inspired by a prompt from vaerys who wanted to read about the Rainbow Rainforest.

The Colors of the Rainbow

Morinda is the color of torch ginger,
whose flower buds are edible,
but whose seed pods protect themselves
with mercuric sulfide, a precious pigment.

Jacinth is the color of the peacock plant,
each flower blooming in a bowl the shade of sunrise.
Pick the flower, set it in the sun for a day,
and pour out the paint at twilight.

Meline is the color of the honeypot plant,
whose tiny flowers form at the rim
of a big pitcher full of nectar: drink it fresh,
boil it down to syrup, or better yet -- ferment it.

Tilleul is the color of Empress' tears,
long chains of pearl-shaped buds hanging down,
their golden-green edged with pink,
far more delicious than any peas could be.

Watchet is the color of the eyeflower,
innocent as a newborn gaze.
Its juice fights infection, but leaves a stain
indelibly sunk into skin or iris.

Solferino is the color of the dusk orchid,
vivid throat fringed with silver teeth.
It yields a perfume more intoxicating than wine,
balanced on the border between joy and madness.


Veil Types

I liked this illustrated guide to veil types, as worn by Muslim and Hindu women.  Writers may find it useful.  (Many of my desertfolk, not all of them female, wear various types of veils and other coverings; mostly for the same practical reason as Middle Eastern people do, but some for cultural reasons as well.  More variety in designs, though.)

I'm really disgusted by people's attempts to ban veils.  You wouldn't want someone to order you to walk around naked, would you?  Because that's how some Muslim women feel about going unveiled: naked, and violated.  That certainly isn't going to make them think that Westerners treat women with respect, nor is it generally a good precedent to make laws forcing women to dress according to someone else's desires.  In particular, since it's mostly white men pushing to ban the veils, this can be construed as another count of them helping themselves to women of color.