April 15th, 2011


New Bit Character: Unafari

My bit character Unafari has been posted on Torn World.  She appears in the supporter-only stories "The Shades of Yesterday" and "The Gaudy Eye," plus the publicly visible poem "The Archivist's Eye." 

If you like this character and want to see more like her, please consider sending me credits or karma through Torn World's crowdfunding options.  Not a Torn World member, but still want to support the work? I have a permanent PayPal button on my LJ profile page.

Without Representation

The problem with this approach to politics is that it leaves vast numbers of Americans without real representation in the government.  (Link courtesy of my_partner_doug.)  The offer of an alternative to the status quo is fradulent, which I believe should be illegal.  Voters who want different political actions should be assured that a candidate who promises a particular agenda will in fact pursue it, not simply lie and do something totally different once elected.  The current system offers voters almost no actual influence on what happens.  And this is theoretically supposed to be a government "of the people, by the people, for the people."  So not happening, and the results are disastrous.

As for Obama, I voted for him as damage control, so my expectations were very low.  I believe he's managed to do less damage than the opposition would have.  That's not the same as being actually satisfied with his performance.

Torn World Muse Fusion is live

The April Muse Fusion is now live over in torn_world.  Feel free to drop by and offer prompts based on whatever interests you that will fit into Torn World.

What I've Written

"Without Fail" -- This is a short story about Brelig, a warsailor who works on a cruise ship; and Aleffi, an arrogant License Master on vacation. You can imagine what smooth sailing that's going to be.

2,334 words, Buy It Now = $23.25 or 23 Torn World credits

"The Hearsay Cafe" -- The prompt about how gossip spreads in the Empire blossomed into the ballad "The Hearsay Cafe," which describes a type of venue favored by people for sharing not only personal news but also rumors and predictions of future events. Also mentioned is the marker for such establishments: creeping buttercup on the signboard.

32 lines, Buy It Now = $7.50 or 8 Torn World credits

"The Colors of the Rainbow" -- This is your freebie for the Muse fusion.

"The Green Speech" -- This short story is in progress. It brings Omorth together with Unafari and her coworkers as they plan a historic version of the Trefoil Dance.