April 13th, 2011


Toys and Gender

Okay, I know there's a gender bias in children's toys, and it's a dumb thing. This post does a pretty good breakdown of that. But this quote from the referring post just made me blink:

"To quote a headline about the study "Girls are magic, boys get power."

Magic IS power. It can be as devastating as a gun, but it can also be tremendously subtle. A gun isn't that versatile. Now granted, some of the magic presented in the context of girls' toys is useless fluff, but some of it is world-shaking stuff.  Just because something isn't always ostentatious ... don't assume that means it isn't powerful.

Torn World: Spend Your Credits!

ellenmillion has posted a detailed description of how credits work over on torn_world.  This is a really cool crowdfunding feature that turns subscription dollars into a local currency that you can use to reward contributors whose work you admire.  Lots of us will release material to the public if it gets sponsored (via credits or PayPal donation, etc.) so then more people can see it.  ellenmillion is also thinking about ways to make credits work across multiple projects that she manages, which would be even more useful.  So get involved, this is where the rubber meets the road.