March 27th, 2011


Historic Homes Are Green

This article explains that historic buildings are very energy-efficient, but they work in different ways than modern buildings.  Those differences cause them to score poorly on tests designed for modern materials and techniques, yielding inaccurate results.  It's worth keeping in mind because there is a resurgence of interest in Earth-friendly building (cob, wattle and daub, straw bale, etc.) these days.

Failure Modes

While I disagree with the pro-nuclear arguments later in the article, I agree that technology should be made robust enough to withstand disasters.  The peer-to-peer texting should be required by law, since it is both doable and lifesaving.  (P2P technology would allow individual cell phones to send and receive texts from each other even if the cell towers stop functioning. Emergency messages could thus pass from person to person until reaching someone outside the failure zone, thus saving lives.) I am appalled, though not surprised, that cell phone companies have resisted this.  They don't care if people die.  The matter should be framed for them in terms they will understand: add this safety feature or you can't sell the phones.

Sunday Fic Meme: "Scars of Stone"

Sunday fic meme
Each Sunday, post six sentences from a writing project -- published, submitted, in progress, for your cat -- whatever. (Ganked from DW)

Below is the beginning of "Scars of Stone," a Torn World story currently in home revision.  Revising this is one of today's projects.  It will eventually be submitted for canon board approval.

"Something is wrong with the mountain," Fala announced suddenly. She stopped her snow-unicorn to peer up the slopes.

"What?" Dareg said as he wheeled back to face her.

A rumpled line of mountains stretched along the horizon, skirted with dark green spruces. Fala traced her finger along a line of paler green where young spruces had recolonized an old fire trace. "There, where the young spruces point to that notch between the mountains," she said.

Bible Fanfic

 Of all the things to write fanfic about ... there is now Bible fanfic.  I stumbled across "A Matter of Pride" and was just boggled.  
Can we even call this fanfic?  The Bible is, after all, historically an anthology, despite Christian tenet of one Author.  So writing alternate Bible stuff is more like ... writing Mythos or Cycle stuff.  Arthurian, Robin Hood, Cthulhu, etc.  Or from a historical perspective, it might be considered alternate-history, if one considers the Bible to be historic or at least historically inspired.  

From a spiritual perspective ... isn't this sort of blasphemous?  I mean Christians usually take the Bible a little too literally, and are not keen on people questioning it.  Which is not to say that writing this stuff is actually wrong, or badly written.  I think it's cool to explore.  It's just not what I'm used to seeing in the context of this religion.

Yeah.  My brain is still kinda looking around for flying pigs or something.