March 19th, 2011


Ebooks Are Easier

Compare the ease of publishing ebooks with the laborious process of bookmaking in 1947.  Ebooks should be much cheaper than hardcopy books because you are only paying for information, not materials.  The only costs are for the time and skills of the author, editor, and other people who create the book -- and thanks to modern equipment, those tasks take a lot less time than they used to.  There is no overhead for paper, ink, or shipping; and printing more copies or giving away review copies doesn't cost anything either.
Fly Free

Poem: "Shrine of the Stone Lions"

This poem is part of the Torn World Muse Fusion for March 2011.  It was inspired by a photo prompt from haunted_blood and is posted here as the freebie for this session.  Most people in Torn World are very rational, yet there are glimmers of mysticism in odd places, sometimes wrapped up in science along with everything else.  I thought it would be interesting to show a place, somewhere in the Empire, that someone is secretly carrying on an old tradition which is said to offer protection against the disastrous anomalies plaguing the Empire.  Is it just superstition ... or could their be something more behind it?

Shrine of the Stone Lions

The name of the people has been forgotten,
Lost in the tempest of time long ago,
And only the Empire stands for tomorrow;
Yesterday's people have melted like snow.

Of their religion, we have only figments,
Scattered like leaves on the wind of the spring.
Only the circle of boulders has lasted,
Those and bleached antlers laid out in a ring.

The rocks and the racks surround two stone lions,
Worn down by centuries, faces smoothed clean.
We have only legends that they were guarding
Those of their people from dangers unseen.

Aloft in the cities, towers have crumbled;
Many tall cranes have been sheared off as well.
Yet no one has seen the source of disaster --
Not and stayed sane through it, living to tell.

Afar in the Empire, foundations shaking
Trouble the people and wake them from sleep;
But here in the forest, earth lies in silence
'Round the stone lions -- a watch yet they keep.

Though no one knows who still lays out the antlers,
Someone must do it, late winter each year.
As long as they tend the Shrine of Stone Lions,
We think we'll meet no anomalies here.


Poem: "Steam Power"

This poem came out of Torn World Muse Fusion for March 2011.  It was inspired by a prompt from wyld_dandelyon and sponsored by Torn World user Michelle Goldberg.  "Steam Power" plays around with the concept of a tile poem, which has four lines each containing a keyword -- or in this case, a key phrase -- in a different position.  I had fun exploring different flavors of "steam" and "power" through the lines.  This poem will be submitted for canon board approval, and if it passes, will be visible to the public on the main Torn World site.

Steam Power
-- a Torn World tile poem

Steam is the power behind civilization.
It steams from the power plants.
It powers the steam engines.
We would be nothing without steam power.