March 15th, 2011


Happy Goblin Day!

Check out this Goblin Day post.  It's mostly tongue-in-cheek but does raise a valid point: fantasy often includes one-dimensional villains, among which are goblins.

I've always been more intrigued by complex villains.  My opposition generally has a reason for getting in the hero's way.  (Just wait until you see all the reasons for Torn World's sea monsters to annoy humans.)  But I also love stories where the protagonist comes from one of those races/species that usually get the short end of the stick.  Dragons, dark elves, goblins, even AIs and robots on the science fiction end.  I am all the more fond of stories that use fantasy races to explore the kind of racial tensions that crop up in our world among humans.  The same thread shows up in my writing, too.  While the "monsters" aren't the viewpoint characters of the Monster House series, they are the focal  characters in most of the poems.

How do you feel about villainized races in speculative fiction?

New Crowdfunded Project for April

thesilentpoet has announced a new crowdfunded project for April, which will feature fiction.

Sixty-Four Squared is an ongoing series, which follows 7 men and women, and their various contacts, associates, and enemies, who work in the less traditional areas of mystery, law, and enforcement.

The first chapter will be posted free, then there will be a donation button in hopes of reader support.

Japan Aid

This announcement crossed my desk today, about where to donate for best short-term effect on Japan:

The devastation in Japan is simply horrific. The death toll is rising by the hour. Tens of thousands remain missing, more than 450,000 people have been displaced, and millions lack access to food, water, electricity, and medicine.1
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