March 12th, 2011


Glass Auction

my_partner_doug has unloaded a bunch of collectible glasses (cartoon characters, endangered animals, all kinds of pictures on tumblers and jelly jars and such) at a local auction house, Bauer Auction.  They have photos of some stuff posted, but not those yet.  The antique/collectible sale is on Sunday, March 13; there is one of these on the second Sunday of each month.

Hopefully this will bring in a decent chunk of money, but if nothing else it will clear some space that was taken up with boxes of extra glasses.

Read "The Leader of the Rebel Drones..."

Sci-Fi Short Story #3 has published my poem "The Leader of the Rebel Drones Laments the Death of His Last Brother."  The complete issue is available in electronic or hardcopy format. 

This is an old poem of mine, dating from 1996, and it belongs to a set of poems that I wrote in my main science fiction universe to explore the development of sentience in a species of insectoid aliens.  They bear some resemblance to honeybees, wasps, and ants so if you know those insects you may recognize some traits.  The first poem in the set was "Queen Choufa Beseeches Her Sister" and it was published in Fantastic Worlds  #1 Summer 1996.  I think the others from that set are all still in my archives, unpublished as yet.  It focuses on how the underlying potential  for sentience and conscious decision-making has to evolve before someone can have the idea  of doing things different than what instinct is urging.  The individual poems follow a story arc as Queen Choufa and later others begin to change their actions and choices based on thought rather than just blindly following instincts.  Of course, not everyone thinks this is a great idea, and things don't always work out smoothly...

EDIT 4/3/11: I have added "Queen Choufa and the Rebel Drones" to my "Serial Poetry" page.

Poem: "Queen Choufa Beseeches Her Sister"

Since one of the other poems in this set, "The Leader of the Rebel Drones Laments the Death of His Last Brother," just appeared in Sci-Fi Short Story #3, I decided that now would be a good time to reprint the first poem in the set.  "Queen Choufa Beseeches Her Sister" originally appeared in Fantastic Worlds  #1 Summer 1996.

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Serial Poetry Page Update: "Queen Choufa and the Rebel Drones"

I have updated the "Serial Poetry" page on my website to include the science fiction series "Queen Choufa and the Rebel Drones."

Previously, I have pretty much stuck to serial poetry that came out of the Poetry Fishbowl or at least crossed through there.  This is because I have a LOT of poetry, and more than a few batches of related poems.  They kind of sprawl out between true series and things that are just sort of tangentially related, and not all of them are things that people necessarily pounce on.  So I've left off trying to collect everything.

However, this is  a series in the truest sense; it deals with the same characters and a specific story arc.  It also generated a flurry of interest when I posted the link to the newly published poem, and reprinted the first one in the series.  So I decided to add it to the page where people could find it conveniently.