February 25th, 2011


A Writer's Brand ... Or Not

 This fascinating post talks about whether or not a writer is a brand, especially in terms of promotion on social networks.

I am not a brand.  I am ... a yardsale, a museum gift store, a giveaway, and occasionally a bottle shop.  I therefore tend to attract people who like those ways of acquiring goodies.  I'm probably not as appealing to people who like six-pack entertainment that offers the same thing over and over.  But I try to do a thorough job of telling you what kinds  of things you're likely to get from me, and keeping you amused when I'm not currently trying to sell you something, because yeah, buy-buy-buy is boring.

Read "Souvenirs" by Aldersprig

 My friend [personal profile] aldersprig recently did a livewriting project, Drakeathon.  One result of this was the flash fiction "Souvenirs" which takes place in the same universe as my poetic serial Monster House.  See how several roommates deal with curious events in their house.

The really funny thing?  The metaphysical critters in the house where I live actually do this.  Stuff disappears or moves, but also, sometimes we wind up with stuff that nobody human brought into the house.  That's why I say things like, "I'm a good packrat; I can find what I'm looking for, plus or minus 10%."  The latest utterly wacky occurrence: while my partner and I were getting into bed, my pants somehow moved from the end of the bed to the head of the bed under the covers, while I was already in the bed.  Teleporting pants.  Gotta love it.

February Muse Fusion is now open!

Please drop by torn_world and leave some prompts for the February Muse Fusion.  It will be running all weekend.  Writing and art and who knows what else will ensue.

I have written ...
In "One Toy for Three," Ularki starts crying because there is nothing left to play with except one puppet that she doesn't like. How will Karavai and Tekura use the rejected toy to cheer up their age-mate?
797 words, Buy It Now = $8

The request for a game is an amazing bit of synchronicity: I've been jotting notes about Northern games the last couple of days, so I was able to pull out one that has all the rules finished. "Lookbacks" is an odd story, though. The requested game is the core of it, showing Fala and her age-mates as children. But that is wrapped inside a very poignant frame, and the timing for the frame story is in the future. I'm not sure if I should hold this back from sponsorship and wait to release it, or release just the core section (which would stand alone fine), or what.
Whole story (1,113 words) would be $11 to sponsor, core (788 words) $8 by itself.
Contact me backchannel if you're interested in sponsoring this one, and we can talk it over.

To explore differences between Bai and Rai, I described them playing together, the things they talk about and the things they don't. "Words Between Brothers" is a bittersweet taste of life in their family.
559 words, Buy It Now = $5.50

I liked the prompt about Ularki and her age-mates after their adulthood tests. "Water Dance" is a story about Ularki's continued growth. She's moving slower than average, but she's still making progress. In this story, she explores ideas about life and death and love, with help from Karavai, Tekura, and other people.
3,286 words, Buy It Now = $33

The idea of "one-tick fiction" grew into "One-Tick Literature," a story about Bai and Rai in a writing lesson. It includes a description of two short forms, the calling-card story and the tile poem.
1,029 words, Buy It Now = $10.25

Based on this prompt about what happens to Dorje and Yamiga, I decided to tell the story of their meeting after the Itadesh fire. "Like Ash Before the Wind" follows Yamiga as she makes some important, if difficult, decisions about her life.
2,375 words, Buy It Now = $23.75

Read the freebie poem "The Sugar Mouse" online.