February 24th, 2011


Torn World Muse Fusion Approaching

The February Muse Fusion is coming up this weekend.  The theme will be "family by blood and by choice."  If you're not yet a contributor but think this sounds like fun, check out the contributor guidelines.  We are especially seeking black-and-white artwork for our forthcoming anthology.  Anyone can come leave prompts!  You can read more details over on torn_world.


Why Capital Letters Are Important

This popped up in the SFPA list today:

Why Capital Letters are important

'Capitalization is the difference between helping your Uncle Jack off a
horse and helping your uncle jack off a horse.'
Marilyn L. Taylor
Wisconsin Poet Laureate, 2009 - 2010
Poetry website:   http://www.mlt-poet.com

This also hints whether your uncle is a rider of horses, or a breeder of horses.

Money Matters

I first saw this on Doug's computer screen, from the commentary essay "Money Matters."  This is the quote that caught my eye:

The truth is that while the proximate cause of America’s economic plunge was Wall Street’s excesses leading up to the crash of 2008, its underlying cause — and the reason the economy continues to be lousy for most Americans — is so much income and wealth have been going to the very top that the vast majority no longer has the purchasing power to lift the economy out of its doldrums.
Well, yes. I have been saying that for quite some time. But the person who said this version has served as the 22nd Secretary of Labor. You might ignore me, but he has all the fancy paper and experience to show for it. Of course the obvious is still the obvious: no matter what you try, 20% of the wealth can't run 80% of the economy. Further thoughtful details appear in "The Republican Shakedown," which explains how Republicans are digging in taxpayer pockets. The problem with a shakedown, though, is that eventually you get down to pocket lint. Working Americans are running out of pennies to fund the government, or anything else for that matter.

Torn World: Character Page Update

Woohoo, the "Lead Characters" page is done!  This is now what you see when you click the "Characters" link in the menu.  It gives thumbnail descriptions and pictures for some of the most active and important characters.  Click a picture to bring up the complete character sheet.  There are links at the top that you can click to find "all characters," "bit characters," etc.  There are more menu and search functions at the bottom in case you're looking for a specific character.  Please thank ellenmillion for all her hard work.  We also appreciate the reader feedback that helped give us ideas for this renovation.

What can you do with this?

1) Meet the most relevant people in Torn World.  These are a combination of characters involved in major storylines, momentous events, or lots of smaller stuff.  You'll see them over and over.

2) Pick out a character to support.  Search "adoptable characters" for one you can claim.  Search "owned characters" if you want to know who is running your favorites, so you can send karma or credits to that person by way of encouragement to write/paint more.

3) Use these as examples in creating a character from scratch.

4) Click on a character, then use the links to read all the stories about that character.  This is the easiest way to track storylines that focus on one or two people.