February 15th, 2011


Elusive Neighbors

I was fascinated by this post about voluntarily isolated tribes. The estimate runs as high as 100 groups who resist outside contact. I think this is very prudent of them, and that they should be left strictly alone and never harassed. Indigenous people have a very consistent (not quite universal) tendency to get shafted by more powerful cultures around them. Keeping out of reach can mean keeping alive.

*eyes climate change warily*

They might even manage that indefinitely if the developed world manages to saw off the branch it's standing on. Survival of the sneakiest has prevailed before. Actually, that was a First Mammal trick.

Poetry by Stephen Wilson

This popped up in the SFPA list today, from Stephen Wilson.  Yummy.

I have a new poem up at a new on line mag:

Also, three recordings of some of my previously published work. Some of
the other recordings are pretty cool too (I was mesmerized by "Ticking
Clock" by Stephen J. Smith).

This is a nonpaying market, something that I don't normally do, but I've
know the editor from having been published in Romantics Quarterly
several years ago when I was first starting out. Also, you'll notice
that my bio is way outdated (this project started a few years ago).
Anyhow, hope you enjoy.


Surname Maps

janetmiles and my partner Doug tipped me to this cool resource showing surname maps.  So, if you're a writer and you want to name an ordinary character from one of these places, you can pick a surname from the relevant place and it will fit.  This is a very discreet and effective trick with local color.