February 13th, 2011

gold star

Closing the Loop in Brewing

I'm always delighted by projects that take a waste product and put it to use somehow.  This article explains about how beer brewers can use the spent grain to make natural gas.  We need to do more things like this, designing our production models after ecosystems where everything gets used for something else instead of going to waste.  It's more efficient and more affordable, as well as more Earth-friendly ... it just takes some ingenuity.  Come on, if a planet can figure this out, so can we.  Humans think faster.  We just need to learn how to think in the round.

April 1st Fiction Swap: Feb 14th midnight deadline

If you plan to participate in the April 1 swap for weblit authors, get your response in soon.  The deadline is coming up.  So far there are 16 participants, including myself.  If you write weblit, this is a great way to support other writers, maybe attract some new readers, and generally have a good time.