February 7th, 2011


2011 Rose & Bay Update: All Voting Open

The Rose & Bay Awards honor excellence in cyberfunded creativity. If you're new to this project, please visit the 2011 landing page to learn more.

Voting is now open for ALL categories.  (The Art poll hadn't appeared by this morning, so I stepped in as the award manager and posted it myself.  I'm not nominated there, so it's no conflict of interest.)  Please pass the word and the links to interested audiences.

Vote for Art
Vote for Fiction
Vote for Poetry
Vote for Webcomic
Vote for Other Project
Vote for Patron

Please note that nominations for the Fiction category have led to a divided poll, so there will be a runoff poll in early March.  Please read the "second round" news post for details about that.

We have NEW artwork! karen_wehrstein has completed Nominee badges for Fiction and Patron categories. Other art will follow as she has time to develop it.  If you are nominated for Fiction or Patron, please pick up your badge now.  You may display it on your blog or other website.

Which means ...

You can vote for me!  I'm nominated in the Patron category for support of "Art for Haiti Relief" by Nashay Jones aka therebirthofme.  Please also consider voting for the people I nominated as Patrons for their support of my Poetry Fishbowl: marina_bonomi, laffingkat, and minor_architect.

In the Other Project category, I'm nominated in the entry "Torn World" by Ellen Million, Elizabeth Barrette, Deirdre Murphy, Valerie Higgins, and others.  Torn World contributors can't vote for their own project, but everyone else can -- registered members and supporters are fine, along with folks from a wider audience.

In the Poetry category, of course, you can vote for "Poetry Fishbowl at The Wordsmith's Forge."  This is my main crowdfunding project and a major source of household support. 

Thank you all for your enthusiasm and support, both for my personal projects and for the Rose & Bay Awards generally.  You rock.

Monday Update Post 2-7-11

These are some posts from the later part of last week, in case you missed them:

What does it mean to be creative? (link and discussion)
Interstellar Commerce (link and discussion)
Poem: "Absent Hills"
Yog's Law in a Changing Field
Another Goal Met

Torn World has seen a lot of activity this week.  I've had several things approved, plus new writing in progress, and ellenmillion has been working on the main site.  Here are the highlights.
Torn World is spruced up! (lists site updates & features)
Stories in Progress
Torn Tongue: Comparative and Superlative Adverbs
Read About "Poetry in the Empire"
Finished: Draft of "Squiggles and Squares"
Read "Tokens of Appreciation" in Torn World

I shot several rounds of photographs after the ice storm and snowfall recently. First I posted samples, then xjenavivex sponsored more to be posted. If you like visual references for art/writing about snow, definitely check these out.
Photography: Ice and Light
Crowdfunded Photos: Snow for Xjenavivex
Crowdfunded Photos: More Snow for Xjenavivex

The February Poetry Fishbowl has been rescheduled for Tuesday, February 8 (tomorrow).  The original date, Feb. 1, was wiped out by that picturesque ice storm.  (Thank you, General Winter, for that stunning display of military power in the midst of my artistic endeavor.  Fortunately I have a camera as well as a blog.)  The theme remains "vision & sight."  Please help me boost the signal extra to make up for the shifted date -- that usually causes a dip in participation, so I'm trying to let everyone know when to show up for prompts.

All voting is now open for the 2011 Rose & Bay Awards. I've been nominated in Poetry, Other Project (for Torn World), and Patron so you can vote for me in those categories if you wish.

One epic is currently open for sponsorship. "A Periodic Table of Elementals" is ahead of production.  This is science fantasy.

Support EMG-zine

One of ellenmillion's projects is EMG-zine, a crowdfunded webzine.  It's currently doing a fund drive, 34% of goal.  If it meets the goal, it will continue; otherwise this is the last year.  So if you like this project, please help keep it going.  It was one of the earliest places where I published articles about crowdfunding.  ellenmillion has a post discussing EMG-zine and other project updates.

Call for Submissions: Rush of Wings

This anthology project popped up in Broad Universe today.

Soylent Publishing is pleased to announce a call for submissions for a new science-fiction/fantasy/horror print anthology called, "A Rush of Wings." The tone of the stories should be on the dark side, and must involve a bird or birds as a main character or central theme. A fractured fairytale, legend, or myth is appealing. Look for a "different" bird to write about rather than the over-used species. We're not opposed to some violence or sexual content if the story requires it, but we're not looking for splatterfest or porno for this antho. A word of caution, gratuitous violence or sex aimed at children or animals will result in a rejection. Submissions must be sent as email attachments in .rtf or .doc format to: a_rush_of_wings_anthology@yahoo.com

Deadline: March 15, 2011.
Word Count: 3,000 - 10,000 (query for longer).
RT: <60 days.
Reprints: No.
E-submissions Only: a_rush_of_wings_anthology@yahoo.com
Publication Date: May 25, 2011.
Pay: Copy plus shared royalty.

Read a Review of "From Nature's Patient Hands" by Grace Leigh

poeticknowledge (aka Grace Leigh) has posted a review of my book From Nature's Patient Hands: A Collection of Poetry.  You can read her review on LiveJournal or on GoodReads.

Have you read my poetry book(s)?  If so, reviews and ratings are greatly appreciated anywhere -- your blog, your social networks, a bookstore site you frequent, whatever works for you.  Let me know if you cover my work, and I'll link back to it.