February 6th, 2011


Interstellar Commerce

 [personal profile] jude_rook contemplates science fiction shipping.

My thoughts?  It'll be the same as whatever the historic equivalent was for that use-level of transportation.  If slow and costly, expect valuable things that are difficult or impossible to produce locally.  Spices, silk, gems, and artwork were all traded insanely long distances -- along with expert personnel.  If transport moves faster and/or cheaper for some reason (say, wormholes or hyperspace) then we can begin to add bulkier commodities in approximate order of demand/difficulty.  Since we live in the information age now, we should also count information as something to be traded, although it usually doesn't have to be shipped in hardcopy.

If people can move at all, then they will ship and trade things.

Crowdfunded Photos: More Snow for Xjenavivex

xjenavivex was sufficiently charmed by my sample photos of snow and ice and then the first crowdfunded batch that she requested more, this time with an emphasis on trees and shadows.  The first is from the 2-3-11 shoot; the rest are from 2-4-11 when I shot in a different part of the yard.  Full-size images appear in my LJ scrapbook gallery.

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Stories in Progress

I have a flurry of activity in Torn World, partly because we're assembling an anthology.  So ...

"Cutting Time" (about Eshra's difficulties with her age-set) has been through one round of revision with Doug and is currently awaiting his attention to the changes. 

"The Sky Rangers" (in which Fala tells a story) has been edited by Doug and submitted to the canon board.  xjenavivex has sponsored this story so it will be visible to the public when approved.  (If the canon board chokes on it for some unforeseen reason, it can always go up as non-canon.)  xjenavivex, I'm not finding you in the Torn World system; if you haven't already registered, please do that so I can click the box to list you as a Patron of this story.  If you are registered, I need to know your TW handle.

"Clouds in the Morning" (about Rai's first day of school) has been edited by Doug and Ellen.  Ellen and I outlined this story last year.  It was originally intended as a weave with me writing Rai and Ellen writing Bai, but we've decided that it stands well on its own.  So this one has been submitted to the canon board.  Hopefully we'll be able to fast-track it for inclusion in the first anthology.

"On the Rocks" (in which Eshra tends snow-unicorns) is rough drafted and I'll get back to it when I have time.  Prompt tag!  I posted a prompt in the sketch fest, Ellen illustrated it, and that image inspired this story.

"Squiggles and Squares" (about Nleimen's childhood) is rough drafted and I'll get back to it when I have time.  The first part came from a prompt in a Torn World Muse Fusion, and I expanded it considerably over the last week or so.

I need to do some timeline plotting and story drafting for Fala's midrange story arc, her young-adult years in Itrelir.  Ellen is working on some stuff so there are events we need to nail down for the character weaving there.

Do you want to make these projects move faster?  Show your support with a PayPal donation, Torn World credits, or karmaxjenavivex successfully bumped "The Sky Rangers" to a higher priority by sponsoring it.

Remember that Torn World has been nominated for a Rose & Bay Award!  If you're not a contributor then you can vote for us.  We would sure appreciate your support.

Torn World is spruced up!

ellenmillion has recently done a major overhaul of the main site for Torn World, our science fantasy shared-world project.  *applause*  Here are some highlights...

The "Start Here" material for new readers now appears near the top of the lefthand sidebar.  (If you have been intrigued by my Torn World posts but haven't visited the site yet, seriously: start on that page.  Otherwise you will probably get lost and I'll have to send Fala to scoop you out of the snow...)  Other menu items have also been reorganized in hopes of making them easier to find.  Links have been checked, made more visible, or updated as necessary. 

You might also enjoy the "Take a Tour" page.  It lists all the story tours available that link stories within a single story arc or ones that have something else in common.  There's a tour for the recently added stories about the great fire of Itadesh.

If you're wondering who all the characters are, you can look them up on the "Characters" page.  Each character has an entry with their description, any illustrations, stories in which they appear, etc.  Characters may be adoptable, owned (the owner will be named), or non-adoptable; that information appears at the top.

Can you think of anything that would make the site more user-friendly, more attractive, or otherwise better?  Feedback is welcome!  We can't do everything at once but we will note requests, discuss possibilities, and do our best.