February 4th, 2011


Update: 2011 Rose & Bay Awards voting progress

The Rose & Bay Awards honor excellence in cyberfunded creativity. If you're new to this project, please visit the 2011 landing page to learn more.

Okay, we have straightened out the technical difficulties.  Most of the polls are up now.  We're still missing Art; I've sent a note to the project handler there.

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Thanks to all the folks who have helped us boost the signal for this award!

Going for a Record

I was amused by this poetry-related news:

For those interested, the "snoetry" poetry reading in Elyria OH is trying to break the record for longest poetry reading (they're aiming for 150 hours), continuing on from last Wednesday night through until next Tuesday, 24 hours a day.

The schedule of events is here:
http://crisisblog.crisischronicles.com/2011/01/29/schedule-of-poets-during-snoetry-2-in-elyria.aspx and includes several speculative poets on Sunday 2/6.  From 3-3:30pm, the "Deep Cleveland Trio" features  dan smith, whose name you may have seen in various SF pubs (such Scifaikuest, where he appears pretty regularly).  And then a couple of hours later, from 7 - 8 pm Mary and I will be the featured poets.

Live video feed is here:

Geoffrey A. Landis


Photography: Ice and Light

Yesterday I went out for a long photo shoot to capture the sun on the ice.  Here are a few highlights.  You can see the full-size versions in my LiveJournal scrapbook.

EDIT 2/4/11: Thanks to xjenavivex you can now see 10 more snow photos.

This picture of an icy leaf backed by out-of-focus sun sparkles is one of my favorites.

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Crowdfunded Photos: Snow for Xjenavivex

xjenavivex has sponsored more photos, and requested snow for the subject.  Full-size images are in my LiveJournal scrapbook.  (xjenavivex, you're entitled to copies of these, but it's set for no copies currently.  Let me know if you want those, and I'll switch it to a filter lock with you granted access.)  Thank you for your support!

I happen to love snow.  Yes, it can get pesky, but it's so beautiful!  I am endlessly fascinated by the shapes it can take, sculpted by the wind and objects that disturb the flow of the wind.  I actually concentrated this photo shoot on ice, but I couldn't resist shooting some of the interesting snowscapes.  So I managed to get snow in all 10 of these pictures.  This pretty much cleans out the best of my snow shots from this batch, though I still have more of the gilded weeds.

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