January 31st, 2011


Update: 2011 Rose & Bay Awards -- LAST day for nominations

The Rose & Bay Awards honor excellence in cyberfunded creativity. If you're new to this project, please visit the 2011 landing page to learn more.

These are our handlers and categories.  Today is the LAST DAY for nominations!  If you have not yet made yours, please do so now.

Art: [info]itew Nominate art!
Fiction: [info]eseme Nominate fiction!
Poetry: [info]xjenavivex Nominate poetry!
Webcomic: [info]ysabetwordsmith Nominate webcomics!
Other Project: [info]xjenavivex Nominate others!
Patron: [info]xjenavivex Nominate patrons!

So far we have this many nominations:
Art -- 6
Fiction -- 18
Poetry -- 4
Webcomics -- 11
Other Project -- 10
Patron -- 10

Woohoo!  We had a big jump in fiction nominations, and a smaller jump in webcomics.  Other categories could still use more input.

If you have not yet posted about the Rose and Bay Awards, please help us boost the signal.  We appreciate the networking that people have done so far.  In particular, please spread the word that today is the last day for nominations, and the voting period begins on February 1.  We'll try to post the "vote here" polls promptly.

It's a bad sign when ...

"It's a bad sign for a character's future when I can't remember their name, and have to go back to my own archives to see if I even named them at all."
-- Mina Lunga, creator of the dark SF webcomic "Gnoph"

That was in one of the under-art posts.  Yep.  I'm the same way.  A bit character who doesn't stick even in my mind has a low life expectancy.

Actually, in the first roleplaying game I ran, we lost a character that way.  He'd started as a PC but the player quit, so we kept him as a spare.  But he just wasn't all that interesting.  Then one day, the party was crossing a frozen river and the ice broke.  A couple of the PCs fell in.  Much frantic scrambling ensued to get them out of the frigid water and build a fire onshore so they wouldn't die of hypothermia.  About the time they were all warming up and everyone started to relax: "Hey, wait a minute ... where's our other party member?"  We'd all forgotten about him for, like, an hour, which was about the elapsed gametime too.  I looked around, and well, he was under the ice, dead as a doornail.  Nobody had even noticed him going under, or missed him, until it was too late.  It was a sad end for him, and a guilty moment for the rest.

But it made us all a little more careful.