January 26th, 2011


The Importance of Government Spending

... is not just to boost the economy, but also to jumpstart technology.  When we don't do this, other countries that are willing to do it start getting ahead of us.  If you want to keep chanting "America is #1" -- and be talking honestly about something other than the prison population -- then you have to pay for it with government spending in education and the sciences.  There ain't no such thing as a free lunch. (Link courtesy of my partner Doug.)

New Torn World Character: Eshra

Those of you following Torn World activity may want to browse my new character, Eshra.  She is a Northerner who moves from Itakith to Itadesh, working with snow-unicorns and hunting.  She is about as solitary as it's possible to be in that culture, due to unfortunate personal history. 

While Eshra was in development, other canon board members kept asking me for her backstory.  I'm currently working on the scene sketches from that, trying to flesh them out into a complete story, "Cutting Time."  Basically, at the time I started Eshra I had already worked up some "ordinary" characters for both Northern and Southern cultures, so I was started to look for misfits and people who had problems with their home culture's customs.  This is the story of what happened when Eshra's very late blooming tangled with the Northern practice of adulthood tests.  She also appears in "Leaves in a Bitter Wind" which has been approved and will be published presently.

Note to other Torn World contributors: I originally planned this character to be adoptable, but wound up keeping her myself since I've got "Cutting Time" going.  If you want to include her in a story of your own, just ask.  I don't have detailed plans for her, so usage is fairly easy.

If you like Eshra and want to see more characters like this, please consider sending me credits or karma.  Also, I'm good at character design and would happily help create a character on commission, if you have an idea for one but aren't skilled with that kind of development yourself.