January 22nd, 2011


Expanded Horizons

So I was out trawling Duotrope's Digest tonight for new poetry markets, when I stumbled across Expanded Horizons.  This market seeks speculative fiction, poetry, essays, reviews, etc. that support diversity of ethnic background, sexuality, religion, etc. among both authors and character portrayals.  One or the other can get you in, so don't despair if some of your aspects fit the mainstream.  Anyway, go check them out and boost the signal, while I dive back into my archives and stack up some poems for them.

Torn World Seeks Advertising Intern

Torn World is looking for someone to help with promotion.  The advertising intern would run the Facebook page, Twitter feed, and other social networking.  Currently this is unpaid but there are perks, like getting access to the supporters-only material.  It's a nice job credit for a novice wanting to build their resume, too.

UPDATE 1/23/11: This position is crowdfunded; the advertising intern will be able to receive Torn World credits, which can be cashed out for dollars.