January 3rd, 2011


Rhysling-Eligible Poems for 2011

The following poems, originally published in 2010, are eligible for the 2011 Rhysling Award.  This award recognizes excellence in speculative poetry.  It has two categories: short (0-49 lines) and long (50+ lines).  Nomination and voting is done by members of the Science Fiction Poetry Association.  If you aren't yet a member but wish to participate in the award, there is still time to join.

Torn World poems:
"Lament for an Unlicensed Child" (short)
"Blink Birds" (short)
"The Cost of Tears" (short)
"Between the Candle and the Shadow" (short)
"In Willow's Arms" (short)
"Three Red Feathers" (short)
"I Want Wings" (supporters only) (short)
"A License to Travel" (short)
"A Strange Shade of Blue" (supporters only) (short)
"At the Gate" (short)
"The Flower Chant" (short)

Poems published in periodicals:
"Flocking" in Microcosms  5-3-10 (short)
"SKPA in San Francisco" in Star*Line  33.2 (short)
"Signal to Noys" in Star*Line  33.3 (short)
"The Dance of Angels" in Star*Line  33.4 (short)
"Nightcap" in Microcosms  10/18/10 (short)
"In Coherent Light" in Sci Fi Short Story  #1 (short)
"UFO" in Microcosms  11/18/10 (short)

Poems published in books:
All of the poems in Prismatica: Science Fiction Poetry Spanning the Spectrum, EXCEPT for those noted as reprints in the credit listing at the end of the book, were first published in 2010 and are therefore eligible.
Any of the poems in From Nature's Patient Hands: A Collection of Poetry, EXCEPT for those noted as reprints in the credit listing at the end of the book, were first published in 2010.  While this book does not specialize in speculative poetry, certain of the poems may be considered as such by some standards; it's up to the reader.  Some possibilities include:
"Tidepiece" (short)
"Lady Autumn" (short)
"Ecological Dyslexia" (short)
"This Silken Light" (short)
"cat-and-mouse" (short)
"what the willow seeks" (short)
"Autumn Fires Burning" (short)
"Stream of Consciousness" (short)

Monday Update 1-3-11

Welcome to the new year!  These are some posts from the later part of last week, in case you missed them:

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I have listed my Rhysling-eligible poems with links to those visible online. If you belong to the SFPA (or plan to join shortly), please consider nominating or voting for my poetry in the award.  If you need the text or other details for a poem you wish to nominate, just let me know.

All Rose & Bay categories (Art, Fiction, Poetry, Webcomic, Other Project, and Patron) are now open for nominations. Please support cyberfunded creativity by boosting the signal for this award and by nominating your favorites. Yes, my Poetry Project has already been nominated, thank you minor_architect! You may also want to read my post about checking your eligibility for this award.

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The next poetry fishbowl will be Tuesday, January 4 with a theme of "urban fantasy." I hope to see you all there!

One epic is currently open for sponsorship. "A Periodic Table of Elementals" is ahead of production.  This is science fantasy.