December 2nd, 2010



*fanfare*  *confetti*  *celebratory beverage*  *chocolate-covered strawberries*

Crystalwizard just notified me that my new books From Nature's Patient Hands: A Collection of Poetry and Prismatica: Science Fiction Poetry Spanning the Spectrum are now officially in print!  Woohoo!

It will take me a little while to work through all the details and tell you how you can acquire a copy of your very own, or help me with the books-launch, etc.  I just wanted you-all to have the release notice immediately.

Holiday Evasion

This amusing note crossed my desk today.  I bet it would work:

"A restaurant can get my business every day for the next month by promising not to play Christmas music over their speakers and that the staff won't wish me a merry this or happy that, or offer me any greetings that could be considered seasonal in nature."

[EDIT: I actually do love holiday carols. I just hate when people mangle them or play them before Thanksgiving, and those are common offenses.]

Complaints About Queer Art

I'm annoyed to hear that the Smithsonian's "Hide/Seek" exhibit of queer art is drawing criticism, which has already resulted in the museum pulling down one of the items. 

Poke a censor in the eye by:
* contacting the Smithsonian to thank them for hosting the "Hide/Seek" exhibit.
* sending a donation to the Smithsonian to support the "Hide/Seek" exhibit; ask them for more of the same.
* checking out the networking menu on the Smithsonian's main page and connecting with them on your favorite social networks; post about the "Hide/Seek" exhibit.
* linking to "Hide/Seek" on your blog or other venue.
* hosting a discussion about controversial imagery in art.
* posting about other examples of queer art, artists, or people.

Are you some flavor of non-vanilla sexually, and an artist or other creative person?  Do you render queer people responsibly in your art, fiction, or other work?  Are you a queer patron of the arts, or a patron of queer arts?  If so, you're invited to comment with a discussion and/or links that contribute to the recognition of sexual diversity in the arts.

Who wants poetry books?

This is the book-shopping post that folks have been waiting for.

First, I'd like to thank Crystalwizard for a lovely job on the books and a lot of hard work; and my audience for inspiration and assorted support.  Also, three cheers for the Poetry Fishbowl prompters and donors in particular: you have them to thank for a bundle of poems in each book.  I know some of you have been waiting for me to put out a poetry book for a looooooong time now!  I hope you'll find these to be worth the wait.

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